Home Discussion Forum Are creatures from another dimension feeding off of our negative emotions?

Are creatures from another dimension feeding off of our negative emotions?

I heard this on Coast to Coast Am the other night. Apparently there are creatures from another dimension that do indeed consume energy from our negative emotions and even negatively influence our thoughts to increase their energy intake. Sounds a bit strange. What do you think?
Zero responses. HMMM. I guess peoples brains have been sucked dry.
I thought Generation was the first with that plot line.


  1. Strange but anything could be true! Would give us a plausible explanation for all the grouches in the world. They’d sure be fat cats. I do believe in other dimensions, however, and I bet a lot of answers lie there as far as aliens and future space travel/time travel are concerned.

  2. that’s silly.
    I had to stop listening to Coast to Coast because of all those weird, goofy theories which do nothing but sell books for the guests and scare the listeners (at least the ones who are gullible).
    Not to mention, S’Noory puts me to sleep.

  3. Well, philosophical types do not speak much in terms of multiple dimensions; that’s more physicist’s talk. Instead, philosophical types speak in terms of possible worlds. Multiple dimension talk refers to natural structures; possible world talk refers to logical ones.
    The going philosophical theories with respect to possible worlds do not involve the idea that any possible world exists in any relationship with any other, except a logical relationship. So, this counts out emotional influence.


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