Sunday, September 26, 2021

are cleansers supposed to dry out skin?

I have a few zits and scars. My face is combo./normal. Had acne for about two years. Tried Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, and Clearasil.
Neutrogena keeps my face tamed, but doesn’t seem to get rid of much.
Clearasil has dried out my face. It was the Ulta Daily Face Wash. Was it supposed to dry it out? I stopped using it because of it. Is that how it works?
If you can recommend anything, that would be great:) I’m wanting to try Clearasil Ultra Overnight Face Wash. I’ve heard good stuff about it.
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  1. Clearasil definitely dries out my skin too, I went to a beauty therapist place and they said not to use it, drying out your skin isn’t good for it (hence why people don;t generally use soap on their face I guess)
    But I’d try the overnight stuff, no harm in giving it a go. If it dries out your skin I’d try find something less harsh though.

  2. The best stuff I have ever found is Liz earl Hot cloth cleanser. I think it’s amazing. Have you ever thought about using something with Tea tree in it? It’s a natural anti-Bacterial which helps stop spots and acne…Australian body care is the best for this as they are all created with tea tree and really help prevent break outs…Plus it won’t dry your face out


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