• We have seen real spirits and we have heard real spirits. My husband one night was sitting watching TV and this oval shape came down from stairs and when it got to the bottom of the steps it formed the shape of a lady dressed in 1800 clothes walked into the kitchen then into our sons room my husband followed it and she was standing next to my son bed she looked at my husband and was gone. In the same house we had these dark orange colored spots on our hard wood floor and when I would mop them they would go away but when the floor was dry the next day the would be back they where not huge about the size of a dime or penny. So I took a scraping off of the floor and took it ot work with me.. it was blood.Then one day when we where coming in from the park we heard a loud bang up stairs and then closet doors slam. We took off up stairs and when we got up there all the built in dresser drawers where opened and clothes on the floor and the windows where shut and no one was in there.Inthis house we have now my daughter and I both see shadow figure and hear a man whistle. She sees an older male all the time in the house he just sits there or stands right next to the doorway . Each night before I go to sleep I have to say “OK I’m going to bed now so please just leave me alone I am really tired. If I don’t I get noises and lights and its a mess and my 14 yr old does the same thing. The other people in our house and they never sleep well..I could go on and on…so yeah ghost are real.

  • i don’t think so… we’re not suppose to believe in ghosts because all dead peoples spirits goes somewhere but they don’t stay here on Earht; the ghosts here on Earth are just demons because they come from satan to scare us he loves it when we talk about them… except the Holy Ghost of course because It comes from God and everything that comes from Him is good. astrology like the Zodiac is bad too… who are they to foretell our future…it isn’t real so don’t believe it…we’re not animals…

  • organized religion makes me laugh. i couldn’t imagine being told what i can and can’t believe in. think for yourself! believe what you want to believe! god wont punish you for believing that the spirits he created continue to stay on earth, or to believe that the stars have more power than just lookin pretty. he gave you a mind and the ability to think and reason, so use that! religion is just another form of peer pressure, only this kind is mass produced and your family wants you to fall for it.

  • Astrology is a man made science. Its a study of the relationship between stars / heavenly bodies with human relationships, attitudes, and destiny…

    Ghosts and astorology are not the same.

    Believing in the God and the Gospel discourages any kind of belief of predictions of life except what is written in Bible.

    Though, it may seem be accurate in some situations, but these tings will be considered misleading, and unfaithful as we would be conuslting our detsiny with the stars and fortune tellers…

    Salvations is not in the stars… we are not supposed to believe in Astrology.

  • Im Christian i belive in God and the trinity i dont believe in ghosts but i do believe in devils taking shape of ghosts and stuff.

  • In Christianity astrology comes under the heading of sorcery which is a form of demonology. As far as ghosts go I believe God will allow spirits to be sent as messengers much like He does with angels. If God sends angels then no doubt satan will try and send demons, what do you think?

  • Christians know there is a supernatural realm. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
    So yes, “ghosts,” supernaturla beings, definitely exists, and astrology exists, but we are commanded to stay away from that kind of thing. “‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.”

  • The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost?
    Astrology has nothing to do with Christianity other than it is another made-up system of beliefs.

  • well personally, being a christian, we don’t believe in astrology or “ghosts”…but spirits and stuff yeah….depends on what you mean by “ghosts”

  • “Ghosts” are demons/ evil spirits masquerading as the souls of dead people.

    The Souls of dead people do not hang around earth.

    Christians are not to be involved with astrology.

    In any case, astrology makes such vague predictions that any fulfilmment of predictions can easily be by random-chance and subjective validation / selective perception.


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