Home Discussion Forum Are children born with the same aura color as their parents?

Are children born with the same aura color as their parents?

Children turn out to be very much like their parents. This must mean their aura may be similar. But is it how the child is brought up that affect the aura or would it be predetermined by the soul itself? And if that is true then why to people give birth to souls so much like themselves? Interesting, huh?


  1. That stuff is fake. There is a university offering a reward for anyone that can prove this exists and no one has beaten their tests.

  2. Many things would affect/effect ones aura and psyche and so forth.
    Jotish (an ancient vedic astrology reading, much more accurate and more detailed than common Western astrology readings).
    etc.! In essence, every thing may change it, even by the slightest. They should definitely have different characteristics than if born with out things like ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ (caused by excessive drinking during pregnancy), if the mother had sexual (vaginal) intercourse during pregnancy (you can cause ‘birth defects’ by braking a mucous membrane that occurs during pregnancy), and many other things, how much their mother ate, what they ate (like junk foods, or healthy organic foods!)!
    Edit: @ Blue and the other fellow who first answered- Should I recommend you two to a book on Chakras, or just I just recite the introduction to you two? You only say such a thing because you are jealous (subconsciously!) that you can not see things that other beings have developed to see!


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