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Are chakra's actually really "real"? even to an atheist?

Iv been on and off studying chakras an energy. I believe the energy part but are there really fields of energy throughout my spine? and one is able to channel them? Im been reading a book called “The subtle body- an encyclopedia of the energetic anatomy”. Does anyone one know if this stuff is fact or like religion and myth and speculation?
tell me anything you know, facts please, experiences, websites
really?.=(((((((. to what extent? what about the energy part?we have electromagnetic organs in us? whats with that
i know monkeys are….
does the energy thats in the cells effect other energy around you? in other things that have energy?


  1. No, all of that is nonsense, sorry.
    Your ‘energy’ comes from your heart, pumping blood (which has been oxygenated by your lungs) to your muscles, around your body.
    …and I think the energy you are referring to is the bullshit supernatural kind.
    Yes our body has lots of energy in it, our nerve cells uses electricity to pass singles… but what exactly is it you are expecting to do with this ‘energy’?
    …It can only do the things it would naturally do, no spiritual books are going to change how your body works.

  2. There is no evidence for chakras – not a speck of it.
    You don’t need evidence to believe in a thing, you can believe on the basis of faith alone.
    Of course, people will call you stupid ….
    Look around you at the kind of folk who follow Chakras, Chih, Dowsing, Angelology … (including the ones who have answered here).
    Do they seem to you smart? Successful? Happy?
    Would you really want to be like that?

  3. The Human Energy Field is made up of major and minor vortexes of energy and connecting meridians or pathways that encompass and permeate the physical body. Chakras are the energy vortexes in this field. Each Chakra awakens at a vital point in your life, and helps you to evolve over time. Meditation and working with your own Chakras can help you to connect to all levels of awareness in your consciousness, and can also help you identify illness or disease within yourself.
    Chakras are very very old theories that do not work well with Western Thinking, so it is very hard for people in the Westernized world to comprehend them. You should try doing your own research, and working with your own Chakras to find your own answers. If you discover that Chakra work has an effect on you that you believe in, then great! If you find that its all a load of bunk, super! The important part is figuring it out for yourself.

  4. i dotnknow much about chakras, or that book you mention, and im not sure what i beleive about them
    but as an atheist, and as a spiritual person, i beleive that we do have some kind of ‘energy’ vibrations coming and going, as everygthing does
    why would we be any differnt,
    we expell heat, heat vibrates, we expell sound, sound vibrates and on and on
    energy is vibrations in ‘wave’ form, liek radio waves
    tho i have a very laymans view of it and little understanding of it all myself so this isnt the best explanation , im still trying to learn this myself
    it doesnt seem a huge leap that certian parts of the body will have their own vibrations
    yip, energy affects everything around , its all pretty much interconnected
    thats cause and efect for you, you cant really help but affect everything

  5. There’s no scientific evidence supporting the existence of chakras.
    In physics, the basic idea of energy is the capacity of a physical system to do “work,” the product of a force times the distance through which that force acts. In physics, energy is a term to express the power to move things, either potential or actual. Energy is not a thing itself, but an attribute of something.
    New Age spiritualism has co-opted some of the language of physics, including the language of quantum mechanics, in its quest to make ancient metaphysics sound like respectable science which it is not. Energy medicine grew in part out of vitalism, a theory that has been dead in the West for over a century.

  6. “does the energy thats in the cells effect other energy around you? in other things that have energy?”
    How can it not? Energy can be measured emanating from the body. The heart gives off energy (ECG) and so does the brain (measured with MRS). We radiate heat, which is energy.
    The energy is not blocked or cut off by the skin – it radiates out of the body. When that energy comes in contact with the energy of another those energies influence each other. Much like how a vibrating tuning fork placed near another one changes the frequency of the second tuning fork.
    It’s not a far stretch to say that the energy of the body is organized in some way…. and that some people have described energy organization as the chakra system.


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