Are chakra beads of any use?

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I had two experiences with chakra beads or prayer beads (I think). The first was when an older thai buddhist female coworker gave me a bracelet. She told me to wear it all the time, I did until it broke off. The second was when I brought a bracelet from Avon.
Anyway are they of any use? Are they just beads, if not then why? Of what spritual value do they have? Is the one that lady gave me more spiritual than the one from Avon, why or why not?

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Avoid such things which come from false religions. Often have demonic overtones.


Sure – if you happen to come across a venerable and cultured but naive people native to an unfamiliar but very exploitable land, occasionally you can trade things like little beads and blankets for the “rights” to enormous tracts of land to conquer.
But no, they won’t magick anything away that wasn’t in your head to begin with.


I have a bracelet with little stones, which are related to a chakra in our body.
Now, when I first bought it, the vendor (Who is very knowledgeable about methaphysics/chakras and so on) said that it is the stone which attracts you.
Anyways, if your bracelet is what I think it is, the stones/beads are there to activate your chakras.
I’ve also used a bracelet for meditation, as each bead helps me keep my place during breaths.
I think the one the lady gave you would be more spiritual, since she chose you. However, you can always make the Avon beads your own, I mean…everything we possess gets a little bit of us.

Middle Man

I’ve seen a couple of wrist adornments in Buddhism. One is a simple string bracelet that you can get for any number of reasons and it brings luck. I’ve seen Hindus wearing it for the same reason (so they say to me, possibly there’s some nuance to it – I do know that everybody who’s had one got it from somebody else). The other bracelet is just mala beads which are used to recite a mantra in meditation. Again, you may hear that those are for luck and you can buy those yourself if you wish (but I’d avoid them unless you intend to use them or somebody gave them to you – that’s just me not wanting to be pretentious). Mala beads come in two lengths, the long one has 108 beads while the shorter ones have about 23 (some have fewer).

Feind Slayer

In Christianity, prayer beads show respect to God, show your faith, and help you concentrate while praying. If they are from a false religion, however, then I would stay away from them.


I am a Hindu.
There are no chakra beads. They are of no use. Gullible people get these fobbed off on them by unscrupulous exploiters.
Best to avoid them.


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