Are certian prayers considered black magick?

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I was listening to a podcastand the host said that people who pray for another person to “find god” is affecting there free will an there for is black magick.
Any thoughts on this?

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Daniel S

All prayers are pointless because your God basically says he gives upon the ” Free Will “. Prayers are for the week, poor and misguided in the hopes of something better, and those who have a real problem facing reality.
I know I used to be Catholic


Black magic can only be considered magic if it actually works.
Since prayer doesn’t work.
Prayer is not black magic.

lady d

Within the tenets of Wicca there is the belief that working magick against the will of another and without their permission is wrong. I have never heard it referred to as “black magick” but I can see how someone could be against praying for someone, without their permission, under the same tenet.

Frater Pan

Yes, I believe that it is. Well, I wouldn’t use the word “black magick” because I don’t believe in Dualism at all, but it is manipulative. Anytime a Christian tells me that they are “praying for” me, I shudder inwardly, and politely ask them not to. My religion and the fate of my soul are between me and my Gods. What really freaks me out is the Mormon belief in post-mortem salvation — that the dead can be converted to Mormonism by their descendants praying for them. That, too, is manipulation of another’s free will.


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