Are buddhist waiting for Buddha to come back?

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Not born into life again as a baby, but a Jesus like return from the sky like the christians are expecting?

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No. Buddha’s not coming back. He’s in Nirvana.

Siñorina Lizardi



Yeah. They worship statues, did you know that! And they love killing babies as well

Dana the Great - MM's Queen

No, not at all. Gautama Buddha was not divine.


Yes because if one religion believes it then that must mean that every religion believes it.

Rico JPA

But everyone has a buddha nature, and will, hopefully, at some point, become awakened, in other words, become a buddha.

Myth Buster

Some sects believe that Maitreya Buddha will come in the place of Shakyamuni to show mankind the way after it finds itself in a really bad place — but in Buddhism you choose what works for you and can decline what doesn’t.



Lil G

I don’t know


No. The whole point of Buddhism is that he escaped from the cycle of reincarnation. It’s not about earthly glory – that’s a trap.

St Thomas of Borg

No. The Buddha has gone on. Some say he has passed on in to Nirvana like some sort of heaven. Others see Nirvana differently. As a Theravada Buddhist, I see Nirvana as liberation from samsara that can occur in this very life rather than some sort of heaven that you reach upon death.
We aren’t waiting for the return of the Buddha like a Messiah figure. But there are many Buddhas that come in different eons, called Buddhasassanas. This Buddhasassana (or “dispensation of the Buddha”) is that of Gotama. The next one (after the contraction and expansion of the universe) will be the dispensation of Metteya (Maitreya in Sanskrit).
EDIT–It would also help to remember that not all traditions of Buddhism agree on how successive Buddhas arise. In addition, what is the point of being doctrinally correct if one’s heart is filled with anger about perceived errors in someone else’s thinking?
EDIT 2– May you be happy and well. May you be at peace and at ease. May you be free from harm and danger. May you have the patience, courage, and wisdom to deal with the difficulty inherent in all life.
Please understand that being angry does not hurt anyone but yourself.
EDIT 3–The Kalama Sutta as in Anguttara Nikaya 3:65? The two major theses of that sutta are not to believe what religious teachers say just because they say it, and a sort of prototype of Pascal’s Wager. I’m not sure how the Kalama Sutta enters the conversation. Will you clarify, please?
EDIT 4: Actually, if you post a text and do not explain when asked, it’s considered a sign that you do not understand. I have included a link to the text in question. It does not include any mention of Metteya. What it does include is the to two themes I have mentioned in the order that I mentioned them.
Please take my advice: anger, and now I see, conceit, are very harmful, painful states. They are not hurting me, but I do know how painful they are. You would do well to address them. As the Dhammapada says: it is better to live one verse of scripture than recite one thousand. If you do nothing else, please address your anger and conceit.
All the best. 🙂

Vic W

Yes we are but not as you describe
Lord Buddha Shakyamuni was the forth Buddha and Bodhisattva Maitreya will be the fifth in this world time period out of a total of one thousand
It would help if those who “claim” to be Buddhist could get their bloody facts right
You Reptilians can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk
Why don’t you stick with the talking snake and stop causing confusion There may be some Precious Humans around who may happen by chance on these answers and be deceived
Anger does not enter into it The Kalama Sutra does
It is no surprise you have no understanding As I said You can’t walk the walk
It was left for Humans
Only in the Human Realm can Spiritual Teachings be understood
You haven’t got a clue have you
I don’t need any advice from a Reptilian in how to live in the Human Realm


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