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are boys safe in a society where sexism against men is "justice" for women?

Because men oppressed women for hundreds of years?
Example of answers I found disturbing about “if society is sexist against men”:
Answer 1: “For the length of time that men had the advantage and oppressed women, I say we are just getting started.
But not really because I am more of a humanist than a feminist…but you get my point!”
Answer 2: “karma society is doing to men what it did to women for hundreds of years so put on your big girl panties and deal with it”
This isn’t the only time I have seen thngs like that. I have seen many people here, whenever sexism against men and boys is brought up say things like, “Well women were oppressed for thousands of years” or “the patriarchy used to oppress women”. Whenever issues involving men’s rights come up some people say things like “Men have had all their rights since the beginning of time, so why should we focus on that”.
And they say sexism, I mean feminism, is about equality when it’s clear as crystal the mentality it instills in women is “Payback time”.


  1. Feminists are a joke.
    @dark eyes, women are killing men. But they use their devilish ways to get out of jail time and thus making the news uninterested. The media doesn’t care about what women do to men, only what men do to women. That’s why news people were talking, for days, about that girl from Jersey Shore who got punched in the face by a man. They thought that was more important than a woman killing a man.

  2. Do you even watch the news…? Give the morning cartoons a break in the morning and switch on to the news… Women aren’t killing men…

  3. It’s not called sexism, it’s called self defense. Men abuse women and now women are fighting back, so just deal with it. If you don’t want to be hurt then don’t mess with women anymore

  4. Boys living in a sexist/anti-male society are as safe as men who were on board the Titanic. They know not what might come their way.

  5. Yes, because what you read on here isn’t really society’s view. Or even a majority. It’s a very small percentage of minority.

  6. Here’s what feminists need to understand: The men who wronged women in the past are not alive today. It’s not going on anymore (at least not without consequence). Why would our ancestors actions make it acceptable to harm another human being who had nothing to do with that?
    These women act as if they were personally wronged. You weren’t, darlings.
    EDIT: I hope any abused women weren’t offended by this. I understand you…you have no idea how much I understand you. It’s one thing to be bitter about personal abuse you suffered, though all of that particular gender is not to blame; but it’s another thing when the abuse had nothing to do with you.

  7. The sense of victim-hood fostered by feminism over the years does have a political purpose, and you have just described it.
    Every time something negative happens to men or boys in the name of feminism, it is merely payback for the injustices (most of which are imaginary or extremely exaggerated) that happened before most of us were born.
    Young men, you are the payback generation. Your mothers and grandmothers planned and executed a scheme to avenge their anger at previous generations of men. They intentionally boosted your sisters over you to make a political point at your expense. The power of the hand that rocks the cradle.
    Ask them if you don’t believe me. You will find that what I am saying is correct.

  8. The Danes, Angles, and Saxons invaded the island to their west over a thousand years ago, thus displacing, killing, and even marrying the Brits who lived there. Do the Brits now want revenge against Denmark and Germany for all that oppression? Do the teenagers living in Copenhagen today deserve to die horribly?
    “40 acres and a mule”, anyone?

  9. No Dana, feminists most certainly are not just fighting against those who wronged them. They are fighting against anyone with a c.0.c.k, against people who have done nothing wrong. FURTHERMORE, the newest generation of feminazis are fighting for something that hasn’t affected them either. They are reactionary from small groups of men who wronged them in the past and so are jumping on the coat tails of their forebears and picking up the sword dropped from the previous generation in a wild grasp for…wait for it…POWER.
    Not saying that all feminists are like this, or even most. I am all about equality. But the feminists that people have a problem with are those who pursue, instead of equality, revenge and dominance versus men with no other desire than to make them pay dearly for nonexistent wrongs.
    You are basically suggesting war when we should be embracing peace.
    @blogeek…you are a f*kin idiot. Men most CERTAINLY have been oppressed, more so than women even. That is, unless we are living in some Bizarro Land where drafting men into war to die horrifically in battle while the women are safe and comfy back home doesn’t count as oppression.

  10. Victim mentality…..
    males have never been oppressed in this society and u know it…but some people like to cry wolf coz they are afraid of losing their male privilege….

  11. im definalty for the equality for everyone, exspeacialy in america were every 1 is sapose to hads the freedom to do what ever they want ( as long as no laws are broken) wemon and men should have the same rigthts along with gay and straight people, whit and minority people
    whyu cant we all just get along and share rights!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<


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