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Are binaural beats "occult"?

I am not using binaural beats for spiritual furposes, like chakras, ESP, lucid dreaming, and astral projection.
I AM using binaural beats to get high, get over stress or a bad mood, make myself feel good, stimulate my brain to wake up in the morning OR stay up all night (useful for a student).
Binaural beats are a product of intellectual research. Moreover, we can say that the internet and cell phones (communicating over a distance is shamanism/telepathy), music players (sorcery), cameras and videocameras (sorcery), and EEG’s (mind-reading) are occult. So, all science is occult, which it is not. However, binaural beats DO touch on aspects forbidden by Christianity, by I am not using binaural beats for those things.
So, is taking advantage of this amazing technology “occult”?
Two different tones play an effect and “stimulate” the brain into alternate states. And 170 years ago was not exactly the Dark Ages. But still, is binaural beats “paranormal” and is it against Christianity?


  1. Hey I just discoved them! NO they are scientific- it’s how our brains work, it’s not occult at all!
    YEs, I have found it very very helpful to falling asleep with them. Pretty cool if you ask me.
    We are always discovering new things about the way our bodies work.

  2. how do you use 2 different tones to get high?
    This question does not make sense to me.
    It’s not technology, it’s been around for 170 some years.

  3. I like your description of technology.
    As far as binaural beats, I don’t consider them occult, though I also don’t consider them to be useful for anything other than learning more about the way our brains work.

  4. tHE WAY that U describe Binaural Beats; It Truly “Beats Me” What You Are Talking ABOUT ! ! !
    It Seems that Binaural Beats “May B” RELATED 2 the Occult; in which case it would DEFINITELY B Harm-FUL ! ! !

  5. Fantastic post on binaural beats. I’ve had quite pleasant experiences while listening to different types of binaurals. I’ve found I am greatly affected by binaurals that help out with paying attention and preserving facts. In spite of this, you will need to be wary on a few of these commerical merchants. They establish some crazy promises. Binaural beats aren’t miracles. They deliver the results, however you you need to listen every week to truly observe any results.

  6. How is altering states of consciousness not occult? Because when I see that term I think of astral travel. I am not shooting down binaural beats I just want a scientific answer to that question XD I am Christian


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