Home Discussion Forum Are auras true? Can people see them with their naked eyes?

Are auras true? Can people see them with their naked eyes?


  1. jup – very colourfull experience!
    i didn’t believe it when i first saw it – but my friend sitting next to me saw it too and we saw the same colours on the same person….

  2. Interestingly enough, some people can . . . they can even distinguish colors. At the most, I have only seen clear/yellowish auras when they are obvious. I am not somone who would constantly be tuned into aura colors.

  3. This is a topic on PsychiC, and psychic is all about astral body or ghosts, telekinesis, auras, etc. So only those who believe in ghosts can see ghosts, and similarly, only those who believe in auras will see these yellow, glowing lights that flows from the top of the head to the umbilicus. Do you believe in that?

  4. auras, being an energie generated frequency, are more likely felt, rather than seen… those who generate auras, can, be felt to generate a heat radiation, eminating from the plantar surfaces of their hands and feet, that can be electronically measured!!!
    they CAN, however, be PHOTOGRAPHED, by specially modified polaroid cameras, that, record different frequencys of the heat signature given off by the human body!!!
    an example being: kirlian photography, studied extensively by russian scientists, in the 50’s and 60’s!!!

  5. its true, aura exits. but viewing it with naked eyes is not a normal thing… there are some pre-requisites for this ability, i don’t know wat aare they..
    can anyone tell…………………

  6. Aura is an intangible quality surrounding a person or thing. It is a way of expressing an intense feeling of the atmosphere.


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