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are auras really real?

Because I get to see them and they’re all blue because probably everyone around me has black hair and i always just see the aura of the dress. I don’t see their auras change colors. always light blue.
same when i try to see it around my hands.


  1. Yes auras are real, although I don’t see them, I believe at times I somehow can read them of people and spirits as long as they are in view. their thoughts pop in my head like telepathically, I believe I am reading their countenances which is almost the same as reading minds, it happens unwillingly, the aura is the same as countenance, and usually it’s a clear like glow, although some people can see it in different colors.

  2. I have never seen them.
    Get your eyes checked to make sure that what you are seeing is not a vision problem.
    If you want to learn more about auras, read Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light..

  3. No auras are not real, they are usually caused by retinal fatigue a very well known phenomena, rarely they can be caused by a brain malfunction.
    James Randi has tested many ‘aura’ readers, one on television they all failed, so if there’s anyone out there who can detect them JR has a $1,000,000 in the JREF forum bank account waiting for you to prove it.
    I’ve taken the liberty of enclosing application details for you or anyone else who claims this power, but I suggest your read this link first.
    EDIT: Meilin you really have no idea about James Randi and his challenge, did you read the information about it? He has files open for all to see regarding failed challenges you can see them under applicants in my link.
    Of course everyone knows he’s a world famous stage magician, and just like Harry Houdini before him knew the quite basic conjuring tricks that fraudsters use, who better.
    Moving a compass needle with the power of your mind is a simple conjuring trick, I can do it, if someone told Randi that they could move it with the power of their mind, Randi knows the precautions to take to avoid cheating.
    On predicting cards, all he needs is significantly better than by chance alone, certainly not 99%, get your facts straight!
    He also exposed homoeopathy as nonsense on behalf of the well respected TV program ‘Horizon’ it was watched by millions.
    Randi isn’t the only one who has a challenge for claimants of paranormal events.
    Several other organisations have offered prizes for evidence of paranormal behaviour, on a similar basis:
    1. Association for Skeptical Enquiry is offering a £13,000 prize.
    2. Australian Skeptics offers AUD $100,000 for proof of psychic or paranormal powers.
    3. Abraham Kovoor’s challenge, an award of Rs. 100,000 for proof of supernatural or miraculous powers.
    4. The Independent Investigations Group offers $50,000 to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.
    5. Indian Skeptic 100,000 Paranormal Challenge Indian Rupees 100,000 ($2,500). Sponsored by Basava Premanand.
    6. Prabir Ghosh of India is offering $50,000.
    7. Tampa Bay Skeptics $1,000 Challenge US $1,000.
    8. North Texas Skeptics Paranormal Challenge US $12,000.
    9. The late Philip J. Klass offered US $10,000 for proof of an extraterrestrial visit to the Earth.
    10. After investigating psychic phenomena in 1922, Scientific American made two US $2,500 offers: (1) for the first authentic spirit photograph made under test conditions, and (2) for the first psychic to produce a “visible psychic manifestation.” (Christopher 1975:180).
    11. The Swedish Humanist Association is offering a prize of SEK 100,000 that will be awarded to anyone who can demonstrate beyond doubt that they possess a paranormal or supernatural talent that cannot be explained by conventional science.
    Are all these people fraudsters also?

  4. Yes,they are real.I see them.Due to the fact you only see blue,you should do some study to increase your gift.Hair color has nothing to do with what you see or maybe these are people you are close to and their aura when together brings out the blue ! do some research…and you could really help others.If you see black,beware of person,a glowing white has a lot of good to offer.Much success on your journey to reading others ! Psychology has teachings of auras,etc.I hope this will encourage you,for not all has the power of your gift.

  5. Didn’t see any skeptics answering, so by Y! reflex, will give their one opinion: auras don’t exist, because we can’t see them. And, if someone does, there’s a reward of $1 million dollars if you prove you see them. So they don’t exist, because no one’s applied and gotten the bucks. And, if you think you do, it’s because “retinal fatigue” is the only healthy explanation.
    If you’d like to learn of the aura, would suggest “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi, as first reading. It’s excellent.
    Also worthwhile: Ann Ree Colton’s “Watch Your Dreams,” and Aivanhov’s “Light Is a Living Spirit.”
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  6. Please ignore what everybody says about Randi, he’s a fraud. He’s a former stage magician with no actual para-psychological or scientific experience. He demands an impossible burden of proof and knows how to manipulate an audience.
    If you say that you can move a compass needle with the power of your mind he practically demands that you flip a 4×4, and if you say that you can predict cards he declares that you’re a fraud if you get less than 99% correct.
    He basically demands evidence of the paranormal like you’d see in a movie. Ghosts running screaming down the halls dripping ectoplasm. Telekinetics who pick up RVs and throw them around, and psychics who can read the mind of a man 100 miles away just by looking at a photograph of him.
    Nobody will ever win Randi’s reward money because Randi demands stuff that’s totally impossible unless you’re in an episode of the X-Files. If anybody ever appears to meet Randi’s criteria then you know that they are a fake, that kind of stuff just can’t be done.
    But back to your question, an aura is 100% real, and 100% scientifically proven.
    An aura is just a fancy word for the normal and natural electromagnetic field that is generated by the human body. Our muscles, and even our brain, produce electromagnetic impulses as part of their normal function. These impulses can be detected and read by everyday scientific equipment that you can buy in Radio Shack.
    There’s no mystery to them.
    If you can sense them then that just means that you’re sensitive to the em spectrum. This is pretty common in animals. Sharks, for example use it to hunt with. The sense the electromagnetic waves impulses put out by a fish’s muscles and home in on them. Pigeons can navigate by a similar sense.
    It’s not so common in humans, but it’s a normal part of Darwinian evolutions. People develop extra senses just as animal’s do.


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