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are auras real?

i’ve been thinking about auras lately,
i’ve tried to see it on my hands but i’m not sure if what i’m seeing is really an aura.
it’s greenish blue. i’ve tried looking at other peoples hands but theirs is greenish blue also,
i thought maybe it was an eye trick or something from when you stare at something fro too long.
i’ve noticed that if i stare at something blue, the “aura” is orange and vice versa. and pink makes green and all that.
is that really an aura or is it something else?
if auras are real, how do you see them?


  1. They are real and can be seen. The best way is to look around somebody’s head at a distance of about six feet or more. You have to learn to focus on a point in space, which is the part you have to learn by practicing. Let your eyes go out of focus. If you use glasses, take them off.
    The aura looks like a ring of light around the head and body, but is easiest to see around the head and shoulders, especially against a black or white background.
    The aura can contain all the colours of the rainbow and changes with a person’s thoughts and moods.
    When you stare at something blue and see orange afterwards, that is not an aura, but an effect on your eyes. Orange and blue are opposite colours, so when you stop looking, there is an aftereffect on your eyes.
    You will not usually see an aura on the surface, but around a person. Look for rings of colours , especially when looking at a teacher or speaker in front of a group. The aura gets brighter and blue if they are teaching something academic, with orange and yellow if they are very energetic by nature.

  2. I remember reading a book called Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan, a woman who could not only see auras very clearly but could also tell if a person was ill from the color of the aura.
    Since I have not seen auras, I can’t give you any advice from experience.

  3. Yes, auras are real and they can be seen.
    I used to be really skeptic until I decided that I should give it a go before saying its false. Well, I can now see an aura on pretty much anyone.
    I think that everything has an aura. If it is an inanimate object, it will have a fixed colour (the opposite colour of the object, say blue to orange etc).
    If the object is a plant of animal, it will have a natural colour for an aura but it can change minutely for the conditions or how it is feeling.
    With humans however, an aura surrounds the entire body and although you do have a certain colour for an aura, it changes often to whatever you are feeling.
    The most common colours of an aura I see is either blue or green. So I would say you are seeing auras on your own and others hands.
    If you want to see them, you are going the right way about it. Actually, I would advise you to try seeing the head aura, which is usually easier to see then the hands as it is stronger. Try standing in front of a mirror with a plain white background or get a friend to help you out. Then close your eyes, focus for a little while on your breathing, then open your eyes and focus on yours or your friends forehead, then use your peripheral vision to see the aura.
    As with anything, the more you practice, the better you will get.

  4. ive thought of this before so now i guess i seen mine when i look in the mirror at some angle it looks like a goldish force field

  5. Youll think Im crazy,but When I’m at church,I see a white glow,about an inch or so eminating from the people on the pulpit.Some I dont see any,I dont know if its an aura Im seeing or the paint(off eggshell white) from the background and my eyes are transposing reflecting light,from around the people up there.I guess Ill never really know,but its interesting.

  6. Virtually all of those explanations you received are pretty much the same thing you’re doing. When you look at something for a long time, the receptors in your eyes get acclimated to (or fatigued by) the color they are seeing. When you look away, depending on what color you look at, you will see an afterimage of different colors. The afterimage is usually that color’s complement or something close to it. Here is an excellent example of this effet: http://www.moillusions.com/2006/04/american-flag-optical-illusion.html
    Now what happens if you stare at something not moving for a long time, you will begin to see a sort of aura develop around it. That is because although you may think your eyes are staring at the center of it, they are actually moving slightly. It’s all because of nerve fatigue.
    This is evident because blue and orange (yellow) are complementary colors, as are pink (purple) and green.
    There is no way to see “auras” which many people claim are a way to visually see what kind of emotional state someone is in. The only thing our bodies radiate is heat, which can’t be seen by the naked eye. While the optical illusions are interesting, please don’t waste your time trying to see auras. They don’t exist.
    That persons picture of an auta looks like a cheap film trick I’ve seen before. You can make all kinds of fun stuff show up in pictures by screwing with the film before you develop it. Of course, this trick lost popularity when photoshop came out. In any case, if I was going to fake a photo like this, I would at least put a little effort into it.

  7. I definately believe that auras are real. This means it depends on how you see them…. I have not experiment with this yet, but I plan to soon for I have been able to do a lot…. I don’t know how to help you see them, but that is all I can tell you….

  8. If auras are real–that is, independent of the person “seeing” them–then they would appear the same to all who “saw” them, right? They would be the same shape, same size, same color. This just isn’t the case though. Every single controlled test has yielded nothing to suggest reported auras exist beyond the imagination of those who report to see them.


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