Are American Indians bad people cause they can do magic and rituals?

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I heard that american indians can do magic and it makes them bad people..

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Bride of Squidward

Yes. It also makes David Blaine, Criss Angel and David Copperfield bad people.

World of Vibration

If by magic you mean they know how to boil up detera so they can trip out and hallucinate then yes.
If you mean magic like they can shoot a beam of energy at you like from “street fighter”, then the answer most likely is no, unless you are on that detera then it might be a yes.

DeeGirl95 literate

never heard that before

im the monster inside ur closet

Bride of Squidward’s answer is hilarious


no trick, it’s people’s beliefs

Cathy C

We don’t call it “magic”. We call it “medicine”. Not all of us do it, or are able to. Those of us than can/do. Not meant to be used for evil, though some may. It’s a very individual thing. This is a really stupid, stereotypical question.


well i hear christians believe they change wine into blood through a ritual. are they evil too?
we don’t do magic


I finally made it to Level 2 – yay – and wanted to give my first thumbs up – actually to Kanien – good answer.
Most people are superstitutious and think they can do magic. Why is that most of the world thinks that the more money they have the happier they will be? Sure most people are miserable not having enough of it but do we all get that little bit happier for each dollar in excess of what we absolutely need that we have? I tend to think the more money you have beyond your needs the unhappier you become because your always scared someones going to take it from you. You should watch the film “BabaKiueria”. It has a great scene where all the gamblers get out their “prayer tokens” ie betting tickets and “pray” for their horse to win.
Are American Indians bad people cause they can magic and rituals?
Were the witches of the middle ages – who were actually just midwives and healers – bad because the Christian church said so – or was the Church who was trying to take over at that time just trying to undermine both the traditional power of women in society and also the religious beliefs of the pagan people’s whose land they were invading?
What’s the next ‘logical’ progression from this question – burn all Native at the stake – that would be a bit of superstitious ritual wouldn’t it?


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