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Are Aleister and Eliphas Levi good for studying the occult and magick? Or are they frauds?

I am a witch and am trying to learn more about magick and the Occult.
I dont need preaching just serious suggestions to aid my learning. I have chosen my own path. Dont try to choose one for me.


  1. I have read some of E.L.’s work, and he is indeed a bit …shall we say… eccentric. But still worth the read as he was an accomplished Kabbalist. Although I do possess some of Crowley’s works, I have not read them as of yet.
    For serious study I recommend the works of Paracelsus and Rudolph Steiner.
    Also my main area of interest lies in the root of all science-magic, that being Hermetic Philosophy and Wisdom. That being said I strongly recommend a start with the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the Kybalion. Follow that up with Franz Bardon’s course “Initiation into Hermetics”.

  2. Crowley is not good for a beginner, sometimes too obscure. Eliphas Levi is somewhat archaic being a barrier to understanding. Israel Regardie, Crowley’s student and one time secretary, is a good place to start, accessible and without the post-modern conceits of some of the more modern writers

  3. Crowley is THE most important writer in occult symbolism. Since all rituals are built upon symbolism, you could say he’s the most important occult writer, period. Start with 777 and other qabalistic writings. Everyone says it’s too advanced for beginners but I found it to be the most helpful book to start with.


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