Arambol Beach Goa : Paradise for Groovy New Agers

White and Black Magic

While science struggles to explain all that there is, many things still defy explanation, such as how the universe and the life that flourishes in it began in the first place. Using conventional wisdom to come to an understanding of how the circle of life functions will always lead one down a dead end path

Whos Got Gods Millions? : Discover the worlds top four monotheistic religions Wealth

Robert Llewellyn attempts to discover which of the worlds top four monotheistic religions has the most money.

Orbs : Spirit Guides or Just a Dust

Orbs is probably one of the most controversial item in the paranormal investigation field. For some Orbs are regarded as spirit guides , while several theory suggest that most, if not all, "orbs" are caused by water droplets, dust, snow, rain, etc.

Are We Aware That We Are Fragmented : Krishnamurti

This Talk is from the Series, The Transformation of the man, Here Jiddu Krishnamurti, touch upon the subject Can one be aware, conscious, know, the various fragments, examining one by one by one by one, and who is the examiner, is he not also a fragment who has assumed an authority? So when we talk about being aware of fragments - socially, morally, ethically, religiously, business, art, you know, the whole activity is fragmented. Can one, is one aware of the movement of these fragments or do you take one fragment and examine it or say 'Yes, I am aware of that', and not the many.

Arambol Beach is a perfect mix of Robinson Crusoe, Neverland, and New Age. Located 50 kms from Panaji, this pristine and secluded beach in the North Goa can be approached by a winding road through the groove of cashew trees. There is a hippy feel from the 1960’s here, with fire twirlers and poi swinger making a daily evening sunset show on the beach and plenty of Yoga, meditation and free spirit devotees of this guru or that mission.

The official Arambol uniform is rasta braided hair, osho mala, ying-yang tattoo, silver earring and maroon trouser with crotch located somewhere about the knees.

Arambol beach borders North on Keri Beach and South on Mandrem Beach. Arambol is a mix of rocky as well as sandy beach and has a fresh water lagoon which extends along the bottom of the valley into a thick jungle, popular as Sweet Water lake is fed by boiling hot springs and is lined with sulphurous mud which people love applying on their body to do wonders to their skin. The water here is a mixture of fresh water and sea water. The jungle valley, enclosed between low hills hide a spectacular Banyan tree. The cliffs near the north side of beach are popular for paragliding and dolphin watching boat trips. Adjacent to the beach a few shops flooded with the usual shops selling faux Indian clothes, spiritual music cds, drums, jewelry, etc. Beaches are quite safe in daytime, with only a few incidences of crimes reported.

Hawkers frequent the beach, like in any other Goa tourist destination. Male “ear cleaners” dupe tourists by offering their services, sometimes even causing nasty ear infections afterwards.

Arambol Sunset Drumming Celebration

By Evening during sunset hours, creatures of all shapes and sizes come out of the woodwork to enjoy high energy bash on the drums to celebrate the evening at Sunset Point with heart-throbbing drumbeats and mesmerizing dances. Every day the arambol new ager’s community gather onto the sand for the drumming circle party, with jugglers, bikini dancers and Gypsie-Fusion bands providing the varied musical entertainment. Others on beach take the moment to meditate, practice tai chi or yoga, as we celebrate the sun melting into the horizon, often with an array of hearty colourful shades of pinks, purples and oranges. The Drumming circle band of drummers play a throbbing tribal beat, accompanied by a trumpet, and other instruments as people pipe up and join in.

There is also a arambol beach sunset flea market, beach sellers offering jewelry, shamanic feathers and goodies, healing crystals and Tibetan bowls and a lot offer tarot reading and spiritual healing session for a trade, while few compassionate teachers offer tai chi and evening yoga sessions for free..

New Age Tribe

Arambol, the new age spiritual embassy is very rich in its culture of celebration, yoga, meditation, love, tantra and adventure. When you arrive on the Arambol beach, don’t get surprised, if you are greeted with fancy signboards directing you to a Magical Disneyland of spirituality . Welcome to ” Magic Park ” a spiritual heaven for new ager’s, artists, spiritual seekers, yoga freak’s and vegan travelers.

The Magic Park on Arambol beach offers all day drop in workshops for bodywork, meditation, yoga, dancing, shiatsu, belly dance, chanting, singing and everything else. Read our article about Magic Park on armabol beach

Festivals in Arambol

Arambol is celebrating most of the year, Some of the Famous festivals of arambol are The Tribal Dance Festival and the Indian Juggling convention (InJuCo), the Goa Contact Festival and In-Touch Festival both offer Contact Improvisation Dance and Somatics, all are scheduled for late January/ early February

Most of the accommodation is basic, in simple houses in the woods behind the beach. Majority is empty huts but some have fully equipped kitchens and showers. There are restaurants, travel agencies (handling foreign exchange), Internet and other services along the road leading to the northern end of the beach and a few stores in the village.

Arambol has a heartbeat and everyone is welcome.

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