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Apocalypse 2012 believers—are you going to switch to 2019 when nothing happens in 2012?

And then 2036? In other words, will there ever be an end to this pernicious nonsense?
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  1. You know they will just say, oh oops, we calculated wrong. The REAL end of the world will be in blah blah blah. You know, what they always do.

  2. There will probably be a date between 2019 and 2036 that they’ll claim will be the end of the world. My guess is 2024.

  3. Aww, if they stop who do we mock?
    The world will never end, I think people mix up the end of human life on earth and the end of the world, amazingly solipsistic methinks

  4. Do not believe those who try to predict the time or place of the end of this world as no one except God the Father knows the answer.

  5. nope.
    but there is always going to be that fear and not knowing until it comes and goes. But we dont know if its actually6 going to happen.

  6. Right, there will never be an end. Christians in particular have been waiting anxiously for the “End Times” for 2000+ years and they will be waiting for at least 2000 more.

  7. never there are always going to be people that will believe this crap even though it might happen we won’t be able to pick a specific date and year

  8. 1000…..1200…..1876….1914….1939…
    2000…..2001…..and now 2012
    The good thing about this prediction is that you only have to be right ONCE…..
    I don’t buy into any of the 2012 stuff, but the way the economic house of cards has crumbled, if things don’t get better….it’s not out of the question.

  9. ha ha ha. i see your point, but are there any apocalypse believers on
    Y!A or are they out having as much fun as they can cos they only have three years to live? Wasn’t the last predicted apocalypse in 2000?
    Also I heard this one is meant to be on the twenty third of december so they won’t be buying any christmas presents? if there are any people like that don’t be offended regale us with your views and opnions

  10. People have believed an Apocalypse was coming for the last 2000-5000 years or more. Almost half of Americans believe the world will end as described in the bible, and most of those believe it will happen in their lifetimes.
    However, many writers in the past believed the end would also happen during their lifetimes as well. For the last two millenniums people strongly believed the end was coming in their lives… it hasn’t changed over that time, it won’t change on 2012…

  11. Have you read about the asteroid that was on course to come 9 times closer than the moon to earth? In space measurements, that is very close. Prayer changes things. I do not know when they will find out about the course change. The 2012 thing is not a prophecy from a Christian source. I read yesterday how the terrible earthquake that Satan is trying to prematurely destroy Californians with has been reduced from a 10 to a 7 something. The prophets are warned to pray for mercy and preach repentance. See the book of Jonah. Yahoo search “Timothy Snodgrass”.

  12. Damn, At last us English get the Olympics. And the world ends…Typical isn’t it…
    Non-believers are always going to not believe, and so to answer your question there is always going to be an excuse and reason why the end is in sight.
    Just leave them to it and get on with your life because according to them it’s going to end in 3 years…

  13. dont believe on predection only GOD knows when will be the end of the world not by apocaleps only people will destroy the earth not by the myths or in the propecy people or human can only destroy the world….. its not yet the end its just the start… so be good of all things what you do because the creator love us okey dont be afraid if you believe him…..


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