Home Discussion Forum Anyone work with Ceremonial Magic?

Anyone work with Ceremonial Magic?

Or High Magic(k), Ritual Magic(k), etc? I do as a solitary, and was just wondering what other like-minded people might be on tonight.
Interesting answers! Hey, gypsyiii, nice avatar *grin*. Ah yes, sleight of hand is not my thing either. But neither is willfully spelling the word ‘magic’ wrong… after 3 years as a teacher I just can’t make myself add that ‘k’ to the end.


  1. I do some magick, mostly spells I make up on my own. I have had some success with casting them, but mostly they just give me a sense of peace when I do them.

  2. I don’t actually have the opportunity to do much magick, as I am a broom-closeted teen. When I do use magick, it’s in a ritual. Normally, if I want something accomplished, I pray to Bride (I feel more connected with her).

  3. I’ve never done and Ceremonial Magic, since I am also a solitary practitioner. But from my understand it functions in the same way though with more energy (power) behind it since more people are channeling for the same goal.

  4. Yes!
    I have done all of those, the ones with a ‘k’ anyway, because I was never any good at sleight of hand.
    I’ve been a solitary and I’ve been a part of several different groups at different times in my life, and in my experience solitary is more reliable, but incapable of some of the inspiring, keying-off-of-each-other experiences that can occur in groups.


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