Anyone work with Ceremonial Magic?

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Or High Magic(k), Ritual Magic(k), etc? I do as a solitary, and was just wondering what other like-minded people might be on tonight.
Interesting answers! Hey, gypsyiii, nice avatar *grin*. Ah yes, sleight of hand is not my thing either. But neither is willfully spelling the word ‘magic’ wrong… after 3 years as a teacher I just can’t make myself add that ‘k’ to the end.

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I do some magick, mostly spells I make up on my own. I have had some success with casting them, but mostly they just give me a sense of peace when I do them.

Wisdom Lies in the Heart

I don’t actually have the opportunity to do much magick, as I am a broom-closeted teen. When I do use magick, it’s in a ritual. Normally, if I want something accomplished, I pray to Bride (I feel more connected with her).


I’ve never done and Ceremonial Magic, since I am also a solitary practitioner. But from my understand it functions in the same way though with more energy (power) behind it since more people are channeling for the same goal.


harro does Thelemic magick —
love is the law , love under will ,


I have done all of those, the ones with a ‘k’ anyway, because I was never any good at sleight of hand.
I’ve been a solitary and I’ve been a part of several different groups at different times in my life, and in my experience solitary is more reliable, but incapable of some of the inspiring, keying-off-of-each-other experiences that can occur in groups.


Yes, but I also do some low magick–depends on my mood and how much time I have to prepare


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