Anyone who knows about psychology/religion!!?





Am I viable in asserting that:
Man stands between the ground and the sky. Our bodies, made from the Earth, shall return to the dirt. Our souls, which God has breathed into us, shall rejoice with God. Our bodies and souls are recycled back to there origin; in the course of natural events. Our bodies yearn to obey our lower desires but our sould yearns to fulfill a spiritual, meaningful destiny.
Just my theory =] Do you agree?


  1. As a clergyman and a psychologist, I do NOT agree with what you say. You need to read (1) psychology (check out my web site at and (2) the Bible. Your notions about both are naive, incomplete, and shallow. I don’t mean to be nasty to you, but you really shouldn’t put stuff like this out there where other people can see it. Sorry. You need MUCH more education in both of these matters before you take it pubic. — Dr. Bob

  2. Ego = intellectual mind being
    Superego = spirit-mind being
    Id = instincts and habit-patterns, which are subconscious

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