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Anyone who knows a lot about the paranormal please explain?

My grandfather died 3 years ago of cancer in my home. I now sleep in the room where he died, my bed in the same place his bed was when he died. Untill recently I have never had any problems staying in the room, but about two months ago I began to get awakened to someone pushing on my leg. I hear whispering off and on, but sometimes not for days. Today I was in the shower and my shampoo bottle jumped off of the shelf and slammed into my head. What is going on? should I get someone spiritual to deal with a spirit? is this even a spirit? I get bad headaches when I begin to hear the whispers and feel like i’m going to vomit when I wake up from something touching my legs. what in the hell is going on?


  1. please dont worry
    there may be a few things going on here , but one thing it isn’t is grandad trying to spook you
    the thing that is happening in your sleep is probably due to sleep paralysis
    this is a natural occurrence that affects over 40 % of the population at some point
    our body secretes a hormone that paralises us during sleep , so that we dont act out our dreams
    sometimes if we waken while this hormone is still working on us , it can cause these things that appear to be paranormal
    including feeling pressure , hearing and seeing things ( these are like waking dreams and are called hypnagogic imagery )
    things moving … like the shampoo bottle
    is what is called poltergeist energy
    and this normally happens with females between ages of 12-18
    it is due to excess hormones in our body … and that energy needs a release and can manifest in ways that appear again like something paranormal
    sometimes the poltegeist energy and the sleep paralysis can trigger each other off
    I have seen this happen to a few people now
    please dont worry … it will go away in time
    but worrying can cause more stress , making things worse
    p.s sorry to hear about your grandad xx

  2. It sounds like an evil spirit is troubling you to me. I doubt that it has anything to do with your grandfather except that the spirit may know about that happening and is using it as a psychological ploy to terrorize you. It certainly isn’t the spirit of your departed grandfather because he is either with the Lord or awaiting judgment.
    The idea that someone can “cast out” a spirit from a residence through some form of incantation is nonsense. The way to get rid of an evil spirit is to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit who will give you the power and authority to overcome the forces of evil.
    Luke 9:1 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.
    If you’re not already a Christian click on the Get Saved button @ http://web.express56.com/~bromar/ to find out about becoming one. It could be that God is allowing this to happen to you so that you will turn to Him and accept Jesus as your Savior.

  3. It would not be the spirit of your Grandfather, if that is what you are wondering. If it were your Grandfather, or someone who loved you, you would feel peace and love, not nausea, headaches, etc.
    It is possible a negative entity is trying to take advantage of your beliefs about your Grandfather.
    In order to be able to know how to solve this problem, we need to know more about the background of the problem. Generally, negative entities cannot enter your home unless you have done something to invite them in, such as taking/dealing drugs, or if you’ve been tied up with satanic worship (direct, not accidental).
    To get rid of it, you need to find out the source of the reason it was attracted to you/your home (and eliminate this source) and then tell it to depart, by saying out loud or in your mind, “Get out. Don’t come back!” or something like that. It’s a good idea to draw a circle of protection around yourself (image a bright circle of light around you) immediately after doing this.
    Prayer is good, too, asking only for beings of Light to be able to enter your home or come near you.
    Intention is everything. If you make it clear by thought, word and deed that you only want Light in your home, the darkness must leave.
    EDIT: I agree with Pangel. Practice believing in yourself, and in all good things. Goodness and Light are the most powerful forces of all. There is nothing to be afraid of.

  4. There is no denying that something not normal is going on here.
    Try this: Put a Bible in your bedroom & one in the bathroom. If something changes, it was spiritual. If nothing changes, it probably wasn’t spiritual.
    The Bible to an evil spirit is like a sword to a human. It’s not just words on a page to an evil spirit. An evil spirit cannot be in the presence of a Bible.
    If you can’t find a Bible, visit a Hotel and get one out of the drawer. The Gideon’s don’t mind people taking their Bibles.
    You know how they say, “You just have to believe in God?” Well, the same works with evil. Evil spirits want you to believe in them. We do that through fear. If God wants faith from us, evil spirits want fear from us. The more we fear, the worse it gets.
    I’ve personally been in a home that I felt a dark, evil presence in. I told the owner, and she said she felt it too when she first moved in. She wouldn’t even go into one specific closet in her basement. So, I do believe spirits can interact with our world.
    So, what should you do? There’s only one person who I know who understands the spiritual world. Ask Him to take the spirits away.
    “God, I don’t know much about this stuff, but take the spirits away, amen.”

  5. It may not be your grandfather, so don’t address this spirit as such unless you know for a fact its him. You may want to look into someone who can speak to spirits like Maryanne the Ghost buster. (they made that TV show off her “The Ghost Whisperer”). Or if you just want it to leave you alone then just tell it to leave it should leave. Good luck


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