anyone who does no touch knockouts?

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anyone in michigan who claims to have the ability to use chi, energy, ki, whatever you want to call it, I’d like to spar with you.
Let me see how useful this really is.
I admit, I’m a skeptic, but prove me wrong.

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Brian F

I have my doubts also….Well really no doubt that its complete bs. You should check you tube on no touch knockouts they are pretty funny. Especially the ones where they are debunked.

Derek Bell

Some people confuse chi with intimidation and confidence i noticed every thai fight i ever won, i was more confident then my opponent even when the odds opposed me. I believe this is modern day chi.


Lol I’m trying to find the video for you but there was a traditional martial arts gym right down the road from a gym Stephan Bonnar and a bunch of other UFC fighters train. And on local television this sensei was supposedly “Knocking out” his students without touching them. So the reporter said well lets go down to the MMA gym and all the guys just looked at him like he was a fucking retard. Needless to say it worked on noone other than his students the reporter included because he said the fighters had trained minds so they instinctevely resisted so she said try it on me and nothing!
Edit: I found it!!!

Rudie S.

Oh hell yeah, You have to post that on you tube. This is gonna be good.


I don’t know how common some one who claims to use no touch knockouts is in reality. You might want to reword your challenge to be limited to those who claim to do the “no touch knockouts”.
There are those who believe in and feel they use chi/ki who actually use their body to fight and are very good at fighting. Whether or not they use chi/ki to fight you is going to be subject to interpretation, with them feeling as if they do use it and you feeling that what they in fact used was their hands, fists, feet, etc…
I’m not around Michigan, otherwise I’d happily spar with you. Can you convince some one closer to me to issue the same challenge? 🙂

Fat Cobra

There are plenty of cons in this just as there are in every other aspect of life. The Dillman guys are THE prime example with the empty force thing.
Here’s a great video of exposing a fraud. This guy was quite famous before this incident. LOL
Watch the 7 minute clip in the menu bar after this first one if you’re interested. It’s funny enough to watch the guy try and swindle the others.
But, just because there are frauds, doesn’t mean that the entire thing is a fairytale.
Unfortunately, I am in Jacksonville at the moment and will be back in California in about three weeks. Otherwise, I’d love to help illustrate some of the myths. FYI I do not claim to be able to perform no touch knockouts, and I have never seen a legitimate no touch knockout. I’ve seen other things and been privy to them but never that. There are explanations for most of what seems to be mystical. It’s just not as fun that way.


Others who are showing such kind of tricks will not going to sell anymore in the front of people who do understand the real things, claiming such idea will put him into the trap of embarrassment, here I attached one sample of it and so many times I’ve been posted it here once the question is related to what you ask, see below;
Claiming he can beat any MMA fighter but the result is so ridiculous that even hurt him, this is one of disappointment moment that will ruin the respect they received from some, but he can do such acts only on his students as strategize forms.
Good luck


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