Home Discussion Forum Anyone think that telepathy, telekenesis or something like this is possible?

Anyone think that telepathy, telekenesis or something like this is possible?

I heard that if we can figure out how to use more than just 10% of our brain, something like this may be possible. I also read an article once that it is possible that you can use brainwaves to almost control small movement, almost like “the force’ was the way they put it. Maybe if we were able to use a larger percentage of our brain we can accomplish something like this? What are your views? Please no stupid answers,


  1. i wish and am hopefull of being capable of this
    i think it is possible
    but am doubtfull
    possibly with the help of technology
    but u never know !

  2. I think it is very possiable. We use such a small percentage of brains now.. imagine if we were able to use it to its full potiental so yes i think that it wouild be very possiable

  3. To an extent. Not at all in the way that most humans think of it or believe it to function though. The way we think of it creates inconsistencies and thus “mysteries”. Mystery is an emotion, it isn’t a reality. All things can be proven scientifically in some form or another whether or not humans can through experiments is irrelevant in the sense of the term.

  4. I think it is totally possible…look at twins…often twins share a unique telepathy and communicate without words or in their own language. I think we need to be shown how to use more than 10% of our brains..imagine the possibilities.

  5. Yes, these are gifts that some of us have. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that these things can not exist. Several hundred years ago, the world was thought to be flat. This shows that many things we hold as absolute may not be so.

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