Home Discussion Forum Anyone think astral projection is for real?

Anyone think astral projection is for real?

ok im not asking how to or anything like that but was just curious if anyone thinks its real or not i mean it would be sweet having out of body expiriences i could really use that if u know what i mean just kiddin im not a perv.


  1. There is a slight difference between Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences and Near Death Experiences. It’s a small difference, but an important one that isn’t very clear in the original article.
    Astral projection and OBEs involve the projection of the sub-consciousness mind. When we talk about the soul body projecting to the astral plane, we’re not talking about the entire spiritual being (not the entire soul), but rather the mind or consciousness of the soul. You might think of it like this: You maybe sitting in a meeting or in class and you become bored. Your physical body remains in the seat, but your conscious mind wanders outside into the warm spring sunshine. You body has not moved, just your mind.
    Astral Projection and OBEs are doing the same thing but on a spiritual level. Your soul isn’t moving out of the body, but your soul’s mind is moving outward and upward to the astral plane. From this perspective, you can see how your sub-conscious mind is very light and able to lift upward out of the physical being in an effortless manner.
    The difference between Astral projection and an OBE is consciousness. Astral project is willed travel, you can will your soul mind to travel on the astral plane. OBE is unwilled travel, and usually occurs during REM Sleep. It happens to everyone, every night, whither or not they remember it or not.

  2. OBEs or astral projection are experiences that occur in the mind. You do not “leave your body.” Something happens in the parietal lobes of the brain that make you have an experience of being disembodied–even seeing yourself in familiar surroundings from the ceiling or another part of the room– and then sometimes going into a lucid dream state in which you may “travel.” People who have seizures often have OBE experiences and people can learn how to do it too.
    Astral journeying also can occur from getting into light trance and getting into a kind of guided meditation.


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