anyone quite successful in getting help from the Universal mind for resolving confusion in life?

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I’m faced with 2 confusing choices in life. don’t know which one I should be going after. I keep asking help from my subconscious by don’t get it. they say when you are really ready for something the universe will rush to your help, but it don’t happen in my case. I really need the answer.
Anyone has had success resolving confusing choices in life with the aid from the Universal mind?

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Kannan J,
People call their own capacities the Universal mind because of binary thinking that has the mind separate from the body and the subconscious as separate from the conscious.
People who have been thinking about thinking for thousands of years, long ago recognized that there are no separation layers. There is only subdued awareness for the sake of practicality.
Around the fifth century a man named Vasubandhu recognized that there must be a level of being that is beyond karma storage because karma is an effect, so there must be something to be affected. Later a man named Tientai summarized Vasubandhu’s work and that of man others in a recognition called ichinen sanzen. That recognition enables the barriers of awareness to be let down, and the three thousand aspects of a moment of consciousness be simultaneously be in awareness. Decisions that seem difficult become a matter of perusing the aspects as one chooses with no limitations.
If you let go of dichotomous thinking, life becomes much clearer.

Phoenix Quill

And if you had asked a question, instead of saying you have one, you’d have an answer by now.

Way Out West

Alrighty then,
such great answers thus far for you to choose from!
The reason why a person becomes “locked” in place at decision time is because that person’s level of wisdom cannot process the gravity of the choice on the person’s behalf. Usually, we need to seek the help of others who are more wise than are we. A truly wise person will gladly help you through this difficult time you now face. You must seek out a source of wisdom…


Move forward, you will make the choice weather you want to or not. You might surprise yourself, and do it right the first time.
Asking for help is good, don’t get me wrong. Asking too much makes it look like you want someone to choose for you. Make your own choice, with the advice of others, it might be a more educated one. Either way, you will choose. Be strong.


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