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Anyone out there with a dog that's breed or breed mix is considered high energy but the dog is calm?

Okay I can’t stand it when we tell people our Sasha is a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix (and we add that she might have some lab or beagle in her) and they automatically assume she is high energy even though she can be sitting or laying calmly at my feet.
She is the calmest dog I’ve ever had, infact I would call her lazy
I know they assume because Jacks and Chis are high energy
Do you ever get that?
I say I can’t stand it but its more funny than anything
Just because a dog has Jack Russell Terrier in her does not mean she will be high energy
People just assume we have a handful on our hands and honestly she has been the best most laid back dog ever and so easy to train (she likes to work)


  1. Yes, its because mutts are unpredictable in their ways.
    The assumption that a pomeranian mix will bark all of the time because the pomeranian does, doesn’t mean anything.

  2. I don’t ever assume that the Chihuahua is high energy. The JRT on the other hand… :-)…
    I have a Border Collie, and when people meet him, he’s certainly living up to the breed. A mile a minute he is!

  3. it counts on how it was raised with or without kids play on how the pup acts..just like kids they can be laid back or high strung…do not let it bother you

  4. People assume that chihuahua’s are mean and bark all of the time, but my sister’s is the sweetest thing EVER! I have only heard him bark once (we visited my grandparents and their five dogs, plus our five, my aunts two dogs, and our friends dogs). He isn’t energetic either, he actually prefers to sleep all day which surprises people.

  5. My little puppy Peanut is a Yorkie and Dachshund mix. I love him to death with his brown curly fur!!! But as you know, Yorkies and Dachshunds are “hipper” dogs, but Peanut is so calm! He is only 1 and the only time he is caught running about is when my new kitten Tango messes with him…then they get to playing and chasing each other. Also, when there is a knock at the door he growls and starts barking (which i like cuz he’s usually in my room with me and I cant hear the door).
    It is aggravating when people expect him to be cutting back flips and whatnot, but A lot of others are actually surprised. They say “Oh my! He is such a quiet dog!” After that they usually want to steal him or take him home because he is just beyond loving and affectionate.
    You have a wonderful one in a million dog that everyone will want to duplicate…dont be irritated, be happy…because no one will ever have a dog as cute and as great as Sasha.

  6. Abbeymarie, I think this was also asked on dog forum.
    In my case, raising purebred Miniature Pinschers on the whole I have been asked this but I do have a couple who do not fit the standard and are in fact quite lazy in comparison to my oldest who is 14.5. She is still a handful and is constantly on the go.
    Many times people will read info on breeds and assume that what they read is all inclusive in a breed but do not take into consideration that there are exceptions.


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