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anyone out there ever been to a reiki crystal healing session and did it work for you?

i want to give up the booze before i loose my wife she says she would rather have a good hiding than go through the mental torture that i put her through when im drunk i have never physically harmed her and never would i love her more than anything on this planet but when i start drinking one is not enough and a hundred is not too many i have realised that what i am doing is not good for my health or relationship i need a bit of help its took a lot for my to write this so please constructive answers would be much appreciated dont need any p**s takers


  1. I had reiki when I was 14. I didn’t even know what it was, the lady was a counsellor and did the reiki afterwards, I only learnt about reiki when I was older and then realised I’d had it! I don’t know about alcohol abuse, mine was for depression, but I’m presuming you have some underlying issues that push you to booze, even if you don’t realise that you do. It really worked for me, I can’t explain the science, I don’t know how it worked but it did. I hope it helps you, you’ve taken the first step in wanting to get better. Good luck and stay strong.

  2. I am a Reiki practitioner, but I have only ever used it for physical illness. However, I cannot see a reason why Reiki cannot be used to help you.
    You are already part of the way there by recognising you have a problem you need to deal with. You also have a goal (restoring your relationship), so that will go a long way to help.
    Good luck

  3. My mum does reiki, its very helpful, and if i have any pain she gets rid of it. its quite amazing really, i would really suggest looking into it.
    Good luck.

  4. There are different Reiki Schools and different style of practice. It doesn’t matter much from your end. Healing energy is all the same. Reiki can be effective to physical and mental issues. It can be effective to addiction related cases as well.
    Though you may feel some improvement in the very first session, Reiki treatment can take several sessions to obtain the desired result. Discuss this with the person who performs reiki for you.
    During the session, relax and open your heart to receive the healing energy. Keep a positive thought.

  5. Question is do you want to give up yourself for yourself? Its no good doing it for someone else. I suffered from the same thing as you one is too many and a hundred drinks are not enough. I also had a personality change when drinking. I have been sober now for over 4 years and my life is better than I could of ever of imagined. How did I do it? AA


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