Anyone knows how to use tarot cards?

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I’ve just started learning how to calculate someone’s fortune using tarot cards a few months ago.
I started with a beginner’s deck of 21 cards.
now I would like to try out the 78 deck.
Can anyone provide me some guidance?
how to start off and some tips?
I’ve been helping people solve their problems with the 22 cards deck.
I hope to see things more clearly with 78.
hopefully someone sees this and help me.
thank you

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Divination ist verboten.


You shouldn’t be using tarot cards. They don’t work and even if they did, it’s supposed to be caused by demonic influences.


sorry, sister mary stole mine

Lone Dissenter again

Douse them in petrol & throw lit matches at them.


Yes I have read the Tarot for years. There are several good books on the market that provide interpretations of the cards. A reader only provides information and suggestioned events past present and future but, not solutions. The Cards do not give solutions only suggested possibilities and the person the reading is for, should determine how to use those suggestions.


Um I don’t want to sound dumb but I had a terrible experience recently due to tarot cards so I trashed them I got scared because I already naturally am cursed with clairvoyance and being a lapsed catholic at the time I dabbled and was getting everyones reading right but then I realized that its pointless for me to do this because life is more fun if you live moment by moment that and I was recently in a divine way made away of my sinfulness but if you like them I guess I can’t judge you for it. But if you start feeling a presence throw them out I’m sorry but I was scared straight from them.


Hi. Sounds like you are on the right track to me. There are a host of books and alot of videos on the subject. I am a novice as well. I bought the Pictorial Key Tarot and the Radiant Rider Waite Deck as well as the Deviant Moon Tarot. I have been learning alot from books such as – Learning the Tarot by Bunning, Tarot Masterclass by Paul Fenton Smith, The Tarot Decoder, An Introduction to Tarot by Cassandra Bee and a host of others – seeing that we have a half book store in my area. What most of them suggest is daily reading and becoming intimate with the Cards. So I spend time daily looking at the cards to feel them (intuitively) and to study them analytically, pulling every single detail I can out of them for study. It was also suggested the way you’ve done – to start with the major arcana and familiarize yourself with them, then move to the suits 1 at a time. I’m currently learning different spreads as I develop. So I hope I’ve said something that you can use… you’re probably already doing this. Hope I can hook up with you some way, maybe through email, so we can grow together. Peace


When I was in college, I lived in a co-ed dorm and would read tarot cards as a way to meet girls. I’m totally serious about this. The skill in tarot reading is to watch the person you’re reading to for non-verbal communication, and ask questions of them to get them involved in the read. While each card technically has a meaning, you ‘re supposed to read them in context with all the other cards and so the meanings are, well, fluid.
Suppose you flip up a 10 of swords (one of the worst cards) and you ask “Oh… is your friend doing alright?” If someone say was sick or just got dumped by a boyfriend, the person you read to will say that and be surprised and give you credibility. If, on the other hand, there is no such incident, you could just say “please be careful – I fear this is about you.”
Long and short, it’s all B.S. It was fun for a while but when I saw the girls were getting into the cards and believing them, I stopped. I meant it to be amusement, but it’s designed to influence too strongly for that.

i aint know

Easy answer ….burn them .
there is a big warning against divination ..
It’s an abomination .
that means ….. real bad ..
For all those who don’t believe in god .. i think that’s dumb ….But to go out of your way to make him mad …..Really really really dumb ..
what satan will do to you is like a fairy tale compared to what god will do …
Don’t let everyone tell you that god is all about love and warm puppies
He himself makes it clear …You don’t want to go heads up with him …the wrath of god is real


I like the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck,
& would recommend these sites:


I am a Certified Tarot Master and Instructor affiliated with the American Tarot Association and the Canadian Tarot Network. I have written a short course on reading the 78 card deck. PM me if you want an electronic copy.


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