Home Discussion Forum Anyone know of a good book about the Wiccan Goddess?

Anyone know of a good book about the Wiccan Goddess?

I’d like to find a book that gives information about who exactly the wiccan goddess and god are, their histories, where they came from, their teachings / practices, etc. I’ve been trying to find one for a while now but everything I find just gives basic overall Wiccan information, and not specifically things about the God and Goddess.


  1. Well a friend of mine who is Wiccan really enjoyed this series of books because they taught her a bit of Wicca like the back round and holidays etc. You may enjoy them because they teach you something and at the same time fun to read.
    The Sweep Seires By Cate Tiernan
    1st-Book of Shadows
    2nd- The Coven
    3rd- Blood Witch
    4th- Dark Magick
    5th- Awakening
    6th- Spellbound
    7th- The Calling
    8th- Changeling
    9th- Strife
    10th- Seeker
    11th- Origins
    12th- Eclipse
    13th- Reckoning
    14th- Full Circle
    15th- Night’s Child
    Here is a summery of first one
    Morgan Rowlands is a high school student living in Widow’s Vale. Overall, Morgan is an ordinary girl that lives an ordinary lifestyle. Her life becomes unsettled upon meeting Cal Blaire. With his perfect nose, olive skin, and gold-colored eyes he quickly becomes the center of admiration of all the girls in school, this including Morgan and her best friend, Bree Warren. Having an air of charisma and good looks, Cal is able to gain enough popularity that he is able to gather people from his new school for a party. At the gathering he reveals his Wiccan origins by inviting his peers to join him in a circle to celebrate Mabon, one of the Wiccan sabbats. Feelings of surprise and discomfort cause many to leave while others including Morgan and Bree stay for the circle. Morgan from then on shows a knack for Wicca, which sparks Cal’s interest. By Cal openly showing interest in Morgan, he ends up creating a rift between her and Bree

  2. Check out some of the titles available from Pentacle Press.
    My local library has a Wicca and Witchcraft for Dummies that had a lot of the basic information in it…might try your library 🙂
    I loved the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan also, which was actually what led me to look into other books on the subject.

  3. Well, as I understand it, the Goddess is a Great
    primordial Goddess from whom all of the later
    specific goddesses evolved. She is often simply
    thought of as “the Goddess” or some people
    like to give Her a name and will pick the deity
    that they personally identify with. That’s often a
    matter of their ethnic background or sometimes
    just a personal preference based on what they
    have read.
    Hecate is one of the most popular names for
    Her, as Hecate was regarded as a goddess of
    witches in the middle-ages.
    Blessed Be,

  4. Please do not trust the “Sweep” series. They are novels. They are *fiction*. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying fiction but you shouldn’t confuse it with non-fiction!
    Wiccans follow a wide variety of deities, most of which have been borrowed from other cultures. They tend to focus on a particular god and goddess, but their identities differ between Wiccans and between covens. The only deities that might be described specifically as “Wiccan deities” are the deities followed in Traditional, oathbound covens. Since followers are oathbound about such deities, however, we can’t know for sure who they are (and its likely the identities of the gods may still vary from group to group).
    Wicca is about forging a personal relationship with the gods. If the gods have a lesson or teaching they want you to know, they tell you. Wiccans don’t expect others to prophesize what the gods want. In fact, we generally abhor the very notion. The gods have no single, worldwide plan that can be expressed in a book of teachings.


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