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Anyone know of a genuine shaman living in Florida willing to take on a student?

Not alot of them reveal themselves and some of the ones that I found on the internet are questionable.


  1. Jack Alexander (“Golden Feather”) is a shaman elder, who offers private trainings in the greater Sarasota, Florida area. He came into the world seeing auras and having a vivid recollection of his eternal existence. In 1976, he returned to a place he calls “Home World” for 155 healthful years on the other side when his body was otherwise pronounced dead following an apparently fatal motorcycle accident.
    Later, Chief White Feather recognized him as having very rare “Serpent Medicine.” Alexander lived for 16 months on Water’s End reservation in Northern Nevada, training in the Lakota tradition as White Feather’s last Caucasian shamanic initiate. It was Chief White Feather who named him Golden Feather.
    Alexander has performed hands-on healing and spiritual awakening sessions for Rehab in-patients, for terminally ill Hospice patients, and for residents of the Bali Leper Colony in Lalang-linggah, Indonesia — just to name a few. His philosophy is that shamans are born, not made.
    If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following life experiences, you may have a shamanic calling. Contact Alexander to verify your gift(s) and to reclaim your empowerment:
    * Having epilepsy
    * Seeing apparitions or UFOs
    * Surviving a fire or shipwreck
    * Having vivid and uncommon dreams
    * Having a sense of contact with Spirits
    * Parents who have paranormal abilities
    * Having been on the verge of drowning
    * The urge to learn how to become a shaman
    * Surviving a deep coma or an apparent death
    * Glimpses of the future or verifiable deja-vus
    * Being eccentric, “different” or a loner as a child
    * Falling sick from a serious or odd-symptomed illness
    * Experiencing and living through multiple snakes bites
    * Meeting with the same animals repeatedly in this reality
    * Ability to relieve physical pain/illness by touch or prayer
    * Childhood urges to go into the wild alone for long periods
    * Being born with a caul, an impairment or extra fingers/toes
    * Dreams that depict the future or unknown, verifiable events
    * Encountering the same animal or teacher in different dreams
    * Being struck by a lightning or shocked by high-power electric
    Learn more about Alexander, about shamanism and about yourself at the web sites below. (His life partner — not he — handles his online presence.)


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