Anyone know how yoga is compared to walking?

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I just started exercising again (after being in the hospital). I’m not supposed to do extreme cardio and was advised to try yoga. If I replaced three days of walking (about 30-60 min at 3.5-4 mph) with yoga would I receive pretty much the same benefit?
I would be doing vinyasa yoga for 20 minutes, and over time would add 15 minutes of Pilates and add an additional 10 minutes of vinyasa yoga.

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Nunya B

yoga is completely ineffective as a means of transportation.

Kenny W

Yoga will be able to exercise any body part you would like to focus on, while walking will mainly benefit the legs, but walking has the effect on continuous stress during the length of the walk, while you will be getting a break between yoga poses. If you do yoga breathing (pranayama), you will get a significant aerobic benefit, probably more than with the walking.


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