anyone know how to use a crystal ball?

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Well see I just got one, and many other people would like to know how to use the crystal ball too. Please, if you have info, join my group at Or if you do other divination come on by! We also have a chat room for meetings!

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hey i would like to know how to use it too.maybe we can email each other to learn about the crystal email is

pinkrosegreeneyes bluerose

I never tried it because I can’t afford the size ball I would need because of my eyesight. But I DO know you must place the ball on a piece of new black velvet and when not using it cover the ball with the fabric. Meditate and calm yourself while clearing your mind. Burn incense if you want. Gaze into the ball until you see clouds forming. Ted Andrews has a good book that tells how to use the ball. The book is called How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides and if you look on Albitris or you can pick a copy up for $2 or so. It tells you how to charge the ball, clean it, store it and what the movement of the clouds within mean. Have fun. I’ll try to get into your site, but Yahoo doesn’t always let me in these sites for some reason. OK I just tried clicking on your link and it said that page cannot be found. Oh well! My email is if you have any more questions.


Here’s a real crystal ball used every day by a professional psychic, (me) now filmed for your focus and attention.
To tap in to your Psychic Sense with a crystal ball you can go to my free develop-psychic-ability page here:
And the ‘Am I Psychic?’ page is here
And some interesting psychic tests are here:


It takes a lot of mind control and not everyone can use one. One must be able to meditate first and learn to free their mind. Remember the mind is like a parachute, it only works when open. My spirituality is mine and I do my thing alone. Good luck in your quest and may you find inner Peace and harmony.


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