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Anyone know how to unlock the ability of telepathy or precognition, or anyone know about it?

Sometimes I have this weird feelings that I have 6 sense. Sometimes I think about something in my mind and it really came true. I dont know whether I saw the future or maybe something that i dont know. I want to unlock this ability that I have


  1. I sometimes myself have a dream or think of something and it comes true. I don’t think its really a special gift or anything though and i can’t see being able to unlock it more.

  2. I think as you mature you will become better and better at it. Just remain open-minded and read about this topic a lot.
    At this point of my life I am convinced that I am able to foresee things, but I don’t obsess about it- I keep an open mind to understand what I see better and better.

  3. You cannot ‘unlock’ it. There are many instances where your thoughts, imaginations and dreams will encounter their real life counterparts, and you might say to yourself: deja vu! or i knew this was going to happen!
    even though i dont put much thought about it, ive experienced repetitive instances of ‘precognition’ when i sleep, such as dreaming that my sticky toy stuck on the bedroom wall above me for 2 years was falling down on me, and waking up just in time to see it actually drop on my chest. Or dreaming that i woke up and seeing the alarm clock at a certain time, and waking up seeing that.
    Deja vu happens too once in a while.
    so why do i say you can’t unlock it? well even if everyone had the ability to think of future possibilities, there is no way you can predict when it will happen from the point where youve imagined it. In fact, there is no way to tell out of the millions of thoughts you have, which ones are ‘precognitions’ until they actually happen. And even more deeper discussion would go into whether your thoughts actually subconsciously influence you to lead into that outcome in life, whether in the long run or short run.
    my advice, dont think much about it; you may accept it exists in you, but do not try to consider it a ‘power’ unlocking, or try to compare it with other people
    it is not worth the time


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