Anyone know anything about Sara Freder Clairvoyant or dessuart cup award?

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Keep getting emails from her, but she does seem to know whats been up in my life and why things have happened.

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I never heard her name ; so I cannot comment

Naye K

i heard that she is fake if u google her u could get feed back on people that have sent money to her and got nothing back the pictures that they ordered she never sent it to them. i my self used her and have not gotten anything back but emails asking for money for other stuff. she is fraud

Garbos Autograph

I have not only heard of her, once she hit my in box I put her to the test to see just how far the computer generated emails would go….I will give the woman (or the conglomerate behind her) credit for they almost seem real. I asked specific questions playing with the idea that I ‘might’ just allow her to help me but 1) In most cases I do NOT take on board computer generated emails…into the trash right away….2) The questions I asked regarding her acumen even specific things…and the answers always led back to purchasing some kind of one size fits all amulet, not to fetching I gather as well….and that for a fee Sara Freder herself would provide some sort of psychic help. My emails became more frequent, the return emails savvier….as they would point to a time line ~ Well I never paid the money and oh wow that company must be really raking it in. I would lay odds that it is only one of many that are pretty convincing….but my recommendation is “No..youdo not need the $15.00 Amulet or anything else she (or they) have. I understand about wanting lottery numbers, good Juju, protection spells etc…..but I do NOT believe that anything but circumstance and coincidence is the brainchild of the truth here. I too do readings even writing her and telling her so. I don’t charge. I cannoot read for just anyone. I am NOT a medicine woman. Oh I have ‘gifts’ of sight and instinct…some of them have actually saved lives, predicted lives etc. ~ Do what you KNOW to do. If you really feel that you need a reading try this…and get some of it outof your system….maybe you too have a gift for readings…I do NOT think that the ‘gifts’ that we have should be for sale, but that is alwys up to the person doing them and the ones receiving them….Thank You.
On this site you will find ways in which to read for yourself…different decks and spreads….perhaps play with it and see what it is in a reading that you really want…I realize that my answer has been laboriously long however I sense that the Sara Freder thing is highly computer generated with tokens of ‘luck’ mass produced from I have no clue where ~ remembe this is MY impression…and do what you will but be happy with your answer and your effort.

Virgo in love too late is whore

by the way Jamie is deleting my starred questions now

Triacola Version 9.0

I got scammed by her, if it is a “she” when I was young and naive. She sends the same astrology profile to everyone and asks for more money to get a more specific reading. She’s full of sh*t. I know from personal experience.


Post interessante, ci sabbe molto altro da dire sulla cartomanzia ed i tarocchi ….


I think someone had a question about the Dessuart Cup
The Dessuart Cup does not exist as stated by Pasqualina (who claims to have won this award in 1985-congratulations by the way, big honour! lol) Dessuart word has come from a type of Fortune Telling tarot playing cards called ‘Oracle Dessuart Cards’.
Pasqualina and Sara Freder are the same person…a man by the way (surname Marie) and if you send money once they will keep supplying you with some (supposedly real) information about your future before asking for more in order to complete that information…please don’t fall for it.
If she were real and if her claims to have done so many radio interviews in France were true, why would the links on Pasqualina’s website not be interactive for the interviews she claims to have done? Like the claim of interviews with RFO REUNION TV in France, there is no such record of interview on their website and if you google it, it will call up links to her website only!
Also, ‘Nicholas’ (under testimonials on Pasqualina’s website) claims to have met her at the ‘D’odile Mauve Gallery’ located at 69 Rue Quincampax France…Thats great except the Gallery is actually called ‘Larcade Gallery’…it’s such a pity Miss Pasqualina could not help Sir Nicholas with his memory when he left that message of thanks on her page.
I was receiving emails from Pasqualina and nearly came close to falling for it, but instead thought I’d look into complaints/claims/spam side of things as a result…hope this helps people decide for themselves that it’s best not to fall for online claims. I was initally curious so sent Pasqualina my birthdate/month/year but then when she/he wanted my credit card number to pay for the report I started thinking how that could easily turn to identity theft..just not worth it.
People like this continue with their hoax because it makes money for them, why would they continue if it didn’t? Silly me…I’m sure its out of the goodness of their hearts!
Good luck all and good inner soul searching too.


However, sometime ago, I had an experience with her, and she sent me some spells procedures which I have not had time to practise any… this was after I have paid her anyway… what about this?


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