Anyone know any good books on witchcraft and/or shamanic magic?

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The history of it in various cultures, the practice of it across cultures, that sort of thing?

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Angel Tech – A modern Shaman’s guide to reality selection by Antero Alli
It says modern, so its more fun than reading some grimoires or blackbooks (BOSs).


Italian Witchcraft By Raven Grimassi


I am afraid I have studied this subject only indirectly, as it has popped up in my other studies, but perhaps folklore about witchcraft might be helpful:
Also try searching under other names, such as bruja and brujaria. We of European descent have attached the names witchcraft and shamanism to a lot of practices that the native people would never call witchcraft or shamanism.
I second the above mention of Ronald Hutton. I haven’t read that book, but I have read other work by him.


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