Anyone know an accurate psychic/ medium in Denver, Colorado?

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I am interested in speaking/listening to one but don’t want to waste my money on someone just out to make a buck without the gift of accuracy.

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They all won the lottery and are retired in Aruba.
Seriously, they’re all frauds


There are all just out to make a buck (apart from the deluded few that have even tricked themselves) no one can see the future or contact dead people.
If you have a real problem go to see a person with a real qualification to help you, like an accountant or a doctor.


This is what Google says.
If you’re really going to one…I think it’s better to find somebody you know..or who has a friend..who can recommend one they went to. I don’t believe they should charge you over $35. Anything above that is a business.

Dave V

Check out this place in Centennial. I’ve been there for a reading and found it quite accurate.
Spirit Wise
6590 S Broadway
Centennial, CO 80121-2359
(303) 730-2974


please be open minded consider that perhaps there is no such thing as as psychic. would that really be more astounding than the claims they make? watch their techniques. very easy to learn.


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