Anyone know about reading auras?

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I found a website and I was reading about auras, I was reading about how to see your own aura in the mirror I was trying to see it for about 20 min and I think I was trying really hard focusing inbetween my eyes and I kinda felt like my eyes were drifting off and not focusing, so I made a tiny dot with eyeliner and focused on it for about 30 sec and I saw a bright green glow around me it was like about an inch outline it kind of really freaked me out. So did I see my aura? and what does a bright green aura mean?
Any other comments and suggestions are welcome thanks in advance guys!

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Sha T

No i don’t know anything about auras, but i do pick up good or bad vibes from people.

Rosey 2ooo

I have never seen an aura but i am interested in them. Does the web site not give you anything about the colours you might see when doing this excercise?
I DO know however that it is possible to feel your aura or that of another person?
Cup your hands above someones head as they are sitting down, rub them together and hover your hands about 2″ away from the head and down the sides of their head to their ears and back up again. You will feel a pull and your hands feel a tingling and fuzzy? THE person can feel a sensation also, that is when you are stroking their aura.

Eva L

Sounds to me like you caught a glimpse of your aura! When you’re looking at your aura, it’s important not to stare too hard as it’s bad for your eyes.
Instead, just softly gaze and allow your eyes to travel around your outline. The lighting is also important – make sure the lighting is soft and sit against a blank background.
I’ve been seeing and reading auras for 5 years. I’ve got a website which has exercises on how to see your aura without straining your eyes – it’s at


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