Anyone know about learning how to use a scrying ball?

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I think i’m intuitive enough to use it
i go to reiki and i know what my aura color is
i solve problems through h sleeping
Someone tell me where to begin.
I’ve got:
Intuition that’s more sensitive than most people
I’m dealing with some personal problems that i’m almost coming to an end with solving
I’m interested in learning how to see auras and use scrying balls

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Get the ball at Faneuil Hall in Boston. There’s a gemstone stonre Geoclassics and get the big ball. Those are only around fifty dollars for a medium sized scrying aball.
I tranfer energy from gem stone to another. Then i take it back.


Get many books on the subject of harnessing your ability!! You can’t learn too much on this. I have found it to be best to learn as much as I can. You may even find a better tool other than a scrying ball such as, Tarot (which is my forte) or Ruin stones or you may just be able to plain do readings without a tool!
If you have an ability, learn as much as you can about it and practice, there is always someone who is willing to let you use them as a guinea pig for this type of thing!!


Usually people connect themselves with them, and get as deep into focus as possible?


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