Anyone know a site or book that can teach me how to use tarot cards?

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I always thought those cards were pretty cool as a kid and they are always a neat parlor trick to do with friends. So I’m just curious if anyone knows a good book or site that teaches the basics to using tarot cards.
mmm…. carrot cards…

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American Idle

i thought you said carrot


Those things don’t exist. It’s all fake. Life is fake. Nothing exists.

Johnston S

there are plenty of books used for determining the meaning of the cards, check the tarot or new age section of your local bookstore.

Robert R

The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley.
(Even a broken clock is right twice a day.)

John W

Ok i will give you this site. I will also tell you to respect those cards and do not abuse them or the use of them.

this is amazing


Many people like Eden Gray’s books or Arthur Edward Waite’s “Pictoral Key to the Tarot”. The Aeclectic site has some book reviews you can check out.


Well, there are broadly ways to use tarot cards.
The first and original use for tarot cards is for playing card games – this is what they were invented for. The games date back to Milan in the mid 15th century and continue to be played today throughout continental Europe. You can find rule for the many games at these two sites:
English speakers are more familiar with their use in divination. This first began in France at the end of the 18th century. There are very many books in English for these, however, if this is something you want to get into, then I would suggest the Aeclectic site, where you will find a friendly forum, some downloadable books and numerous books and card reviews.


Hello Mike
They are no parlour trick, Tarot are an excellent tool for meditation, insight, guidance, personal & psychic development.
Have a look at my profile & follow Tarot Course link & you will find tarot course & tarot e-Books.


“The Cartomancer’s Key” by Talia Felix is a good one. It’s short, so you can read it in a hurry, and it keeps it light on the spiritual-inner-light-woo-woo. It’s availible on Amazon — here is the link,


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