Anyone Know a great book or whatever on astral projection?

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Don’t matter if its audio, video, book, technique, website whatever; just some demonstration or SOMETHING having to do with Astral Projection (out of body experience).
And I know i can easily Google this, but maybe one of you knows some great Author on this topic =].
thanks in advance

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and to the bug who blocks me…what are you afraid of?

Gomez Addams

I don’t know, buy I’ve heard that meditation is the best natural way to have out-of-body experiences (also known as astral projection). The other way is to be very close to death, and I wouldn’t recommend trying that.

Tom 1

Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce is excellent, I’d buy it again. Here’s a taster:
This might whet your appetite too. I bought the Gateway series it mentions, which I’d also buy again.


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