Anyone interested in shamanism?

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Shamanism is about survival according to natural and cosmological realities. It is modern. But some things stay the same, like mystery. I have a teacher.
I am not pagan. And if you are speaking to me, I did not publicly invite. I am seeing what others think about shamanism.

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Sure, why not?


Shamanism is used in a variety of pagan cultures. Practitioners are referred to as shaman priests/ priestesses. Shamans practice the art of healing and soul revivals while combining the art of magick and herbalism

EU Citizen

Shamanism insn’t a relegion like christianity or islam per se shamanism is an all incompassing term to refer to the various of beleifs of African,Native american and others beleives which revolve around a “witch doctor” or Shaman who can communicate with a world and spirits that we cannot see.
Having said that be more specific about which brand of shamanism you speak of for their are many kinds.

Old Man from Scene 24

I was at one time. I saw some commonalities with more modern religions, particularly the travelling revival-tent evangelist faith healers… but not quite as dishonest as those Christian charlatans.


a true pagan would not publicly invite like you just did.


Even if you were trying to invite people …. that is your choice.


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