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Anyone here who is a psychic or a clairvoyant? I have one important question for you.?


  1. From my experience being psychic or a clairvoyant isn’t what most people think it is. I doubt the real deal can be turned on and off so easily. There are people with superb intuition, and others are very wise. You probably know some. I don’t know what your question is, but if it’s a problem, you may be better off solving it in a more traditional, known high success rate way

  2. What is your question. By what I understand for psychic is an individual capable of understanding some of the deeper sensations than others and then relate them to us in such a manner as to have well coordinated with reality these sensations which I also consider to be mental configurations and confabulations easliy understandable in a mathmatical evolutionary reality. They have tuned into these particular abilities within themselves and are able to calculate with some good precision the eventuating realities. It is so interesting how the mind is able to calculate and predict and for some to great degrees of profoundity.
    If your question relates in that manner perhaps there is some disussion available. That is only part of what being psychic is so but that is not my area.

  3. Well, I’m not clairvoyant, I’m clairsentient, which means I feel things, emotions, energy and I can’t promise you I’ll be able to answer. Cause unfortunately the guy who said you can’t just turn it on and off is correct–things either come to me or they don’t. I can’t force it. But you’re welcome to email me and I’ll see what I get.

  4. Give me a few Thousand dollars and I will tell you what ever you want to hear!
    That is the way all of them fake ass psychics are.
    Another thing, how can some thing like the position of the stars have any thing at all to do with what you will do or what will happen to you today? Or good luck bad luck, etc. It is a fake, made up science. Just accept that! It is the truth. Don’t waste your time or money on that shit! You will only be disappointed.

  5. Yes you are sensitive. It is up to you if you desire to develop your sensitivty you may or you can close it down completely.


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