Home Discussion Forum anyone here practices reiki?

anyone here practices reiki?

i would like to make some reiki friends where we could disscus the subject and exchange the opinions and expieriences…
or rasheeba,kundalini,light work(order of melchizedek)
anyone?write me @ croatianella@hotmail.com


  1. Hey, just what I was looking for. Can you tell me if I am giving a treatment to someone and I fall asleep with my hands still on the person, would the energy still flow? Also, if my head is covered will it prevent the flow, seeing that the energy comes through the head and down into the hands?

  2. I am a Priestess of Melchizedek and a Reiki master. I was trained by Hari-Das Melchizedek in the 12D system of Shamballa and initated into the Melchizedek priesthood by him.
    You can write to me if you’d like. I’m always open to discussions.


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