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Anyone here know anything about auras?

I’ve been wanting to learn more about auras. The problem is that everything I’ve checked out so far tells me different things, which are just confusing me more than I already was before.
Some places say that white means enlightened and others say that it means energy that has yet to be used up. I also got in one place that purple was good, and in another place it said it was bad. Same kind of situation with all the other colors.
I have a few questions about this:
1. How many colors are there really and where do they come from? Some say there are only 5 or 6, while others mention more than 20.
2. What do all those colors mean?
3. Can the aura change within seconds, or does it take a while?
4. What color would your aura be if you’re a good and honest person who loves to help people BUT others see you as untrustworthy and “bad” or “mean”?
5. I wanna see my aura. I have my ideas of what colors I have around me, BUT I wanna know for sure and am not sure how to do this on my own. I know about the white background, but don’t know how white and I’m kind of worried it won’t even work for me. What can I do and is there a kind of “specialist” I can go to who will tell me my colors?
Thanks for any answers you can provide (as long as it’s not “idk” or something that’s just not helpful).


  1. I don’t know, but it’s possible that the colors you see may be different from the colors someone else sees: that is, if two people look at the same 3rd person, they might see different colors. I’m not sure, I have wondered.
    When you learn to see auras, you can ask people questions about what they are feeling and guide yourself.
    I see auras, but not many colors and I don’t know how to interpret them

  2. Different people can see different colours, sometimes they can see the same.
    Some people view red as a colour of anger, others view it as love. Some totally different. What matters is what YOU view the colours as and what they mean to you.
    It is true that many people hold the same symbolism in colours/objects ect…..but there are those who differ as well.
    What we see is what WE see. It should always be taken as what we view it as and feel about it.
    So when you are looking at someone’s aura, don’t worry about if the colours are different than what someone else see’s and do not take “book definitions” unless it is only being used as a guide.
    It is all on how YOU feel and interperate the colours that you view.
    As for seeing your own aura, this can be a little tricky yes. It is a matter of mentally seperating yourself from yourself. Close your eyes, this may help as well.
    Close your eyes and focus in on you inner self, your “soul”…….deep breaths (as far in and out as you can go comfortably…hold the breaths for a comfortable count as well)
    and allow your aura to shine around you. “pull it in” in a way.
    Hope that helps, email me if you have any more questions

    1 – Independence, attainment – Red
    2 – Tact, diplomacy – Orange
    3 – Self expression, creativity – Yellow
    4 – System and order – Green
    5 – Variety, freedom – Blue
    6 – Responsibility, family – Indigo
    7 – Wisdom, spirituality – Violet
    8 – Money, materialism – Rose
    9 – Humanitarianism – Copper
    10 – All of the above -White
    12 – None of the above or hidden -Black
    White is all colors and black is no colors. Remember in looking at colors there are two kinds of light, reflective and direct, and therefore an Aura can change instantly with an internal or external incident.
    If you don’t have a natural talent for seeing a person’s Aura you will need to find a good book or a mentor. I haven’t read most of the current books on Aura, so I cannot give a good book that you can buy at a nearby book store or the internet.
    Extra FYI: one of the reasons that their are more and less colors. One person on answers stated she was usually purple but was Deep Red when upset. Purple is a mix of Red and Blue is a person who wants to go their own way and if bulked they swing to the red. The same is true of the orange in my table. If I would have gone further in mixers the table would get unwieldy. Check out the position of Orange and how it meshes with red and yellow.
    Nuff said?


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