Home Discussion Forum Anyone here familiar with Kundalini or the chakras?

Anyone here familiar with Kundalini or the chakras?

I’m wondering if the first chakra correlates at all with the soles of the feet (earth). I was wondering, because I noticed that when I am sexually stimulated, the area by the first chakra gets hot. At the same time, when I walk, my feet get really hot. Does that mean I need to re-balance my first chakra? Also, I was wondering if that is Shakti’s way of coaxing me to come back to my Kundalini practice, which I cut short, several months ago due to severe depression. When I used to practice Kundalini, at times when I was on a spiritual high, my feet would get really hot.
Thanks so much, guys!
I’m going through testing, to find out why I’m feeling clenched muscles in my feet, and weird nerve sensations (not as often, but it feels like tricking water down my arm or leg) and heat in the souls of my feet. I suddenly thought, wait a minute now..could it be kundalini? I really appreciate your help. xx


  1. Kundalini energy rises from the root chakra through the crown, out, around and down to your feet (if you’re standing). So it could be that…
    Though, I would check for blood circulation problems first. Always eliminate all physical and health related possibilities before assigning anything to the spiritual… it will keep you from fixating on a possible delusion.
    see peripheral neuropathy >>> http://walking.about.com/cs/heelpain/a/burningfeet.htm

  2. Yes, earth and grounding. Shakti is the earth mother, the first chakra deals with grounding, and the feet contain the bubbling springs, non-spinal chakras that take in earth energy. I’m pretty certain your trickles are a result of your earlier efforts – K doesn’t really go away, it adapts. The leg ones are especially relevant as they complete the legs of the circuit between the feet and first chakra.
    You might want to experiment with keeping the tip of your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth, just behind the front teeth – this connects the front and back channels of the microcosmic orbit so smooths out and improves energetic circulation. Index-finger to thumb mudras complete lesser circuits too. Another thing to try is walking barefoot outside when you can. Also, consciously practicing leading the trickles through your limbs (suggesting, not forcing) is very worthwhile, it will ease blockages…google “New Energy Ways” for more info on this if you want. Hope this helps!


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