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Anyone heard of Sugar cleansing for Negative energy?

I’ve spoken to more than one psychic, it started out just for fun, but then they were accurate with my life. So I checked another and would get similar results. Now I’m told I have negative energy, the first guy wanted to charge me the second lady didn’t. She told me to use sugar and oil, put it in a ziplock bag in a shoe box and put it under my bed for 3 days. Then to use it on my body as a scrub, for 3 days using nothing else. Then Monday taking no dairy. Anybody heard of this?
Serious responses please.
Thank you Wren. I just want to make sure I am not being lead down the wrong path, I mean she’s not charging me she told me this was something I could do myself today would be the day I would start this.


  • I’m with Wren – I’ve never heard of this before and I’ve been a practicing witch for 15 years. If you want to get rid of negative energy, burning white sage or sprinkling salt water around you and your home works nicely and is a lot less complicated-sounding. 🙂

  • As a practicing eclectic pagan for 10 years I have never heard of this. Of course I am not trying to say its not a cleansing in some tradition, but not one I have heard of.
    I will star this question, maybe one of my contacts will know something about it for you.

  • What kind of energy would that be, I wonder? Gravitational? electromagnetic? Nuclear?

    You’d be well-advised to pay no attention to these charlatans.

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