Home Discussion Forum Anyone have experience with migraines that cause you to see visual distubances?

Anyone have experience with migraines that cause you to see visual distubances?

If so, can you describe what your auras look like and how long they last?
I get black and coloful flashing spots and halos but I don’t see zig zag lines like some ppl.


  1. Years ago when I first started getting migraines, I did get auras. I would get blank spots in my vision (e.g. I’d look at the keyboard and some letter would be “missing”) or blank fields in my vision (e.g. couldn’t see anything with peripheral vision). Sometimes my vision would be blurry and wavy.
    I now get migraines more frequently than I used to, and I never have auras anymore.
    I hope this helps.

  2. I get the zig zag lines that are lind of like a kolideoscope. then half of whatever I am looking at will be out of focus. This lasts varying ammounts of time for me ranging from a few min. to 4 or 5 hours. If I take my meds or go lay down it doesn’t last as long as if I don’t.

  3. I suffered from migraines for years until i was refered to a “headache specialist”, not a “neurologist”, but a headache specialist, after my initial consultation, she felt that my migraines were caused by a vitamin deficiency, she ordered tests, and sure enough, B12 deficient. Ever since then, i take 1000 mcg of B12 every day and have not even had so much as a hint of a headache since then.
    Miraculous drugs for migrines that are available only with a prescription. Migrine drugs arrests the vascular problems that cause the pain within a short period. Contact your doctor to get a prescription for Imitrex or other medicines. Some people can completely control migraine problems with the newer drugs.
    Sometimes a cold cloth over your head and a dark room will help.


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