Sunday, September 26, 2021

Anyone have dreams while they sleep that end up happening in real life?

This has happened to me … verifiable factual events that take place after I dream them. Taught me to pay attention to my dreams and wonder what my subconscious mind is working on while I sleep.
Yeah, this is dream question night. Some of my buddies told me I don’t ask enough questions, so here ya go. I don’t care if you like them or not.


  1. while walking in to walgreens …i was telling my daughter that i dreamed i saw her step mom in walgreens….when we walked in she was standing at the counter… was a little eerie

  2. Dreams for me depend a lot on what i saw during the day and sometimes what i am going to face tomorrow. sometimes when i am crying in my dream i wake with my eyes actually wet. and i am also known for sleep walking talking, but none of the stuff that i see in my dreams repeats during the day. of course de ja vu would be a different story but dreams just reflect on what and how you felt during the day or your anticipation on whats going top happen tomorrow

  3. Great and provocative question. I am kissing up because I want credit for best answer.
    My answer is, No, but twice in my life I had almost that experience. On September 9th, years ago I dreamed I was on a cliff, crouched behind a large rock, over looking Manhattan . My freind(someone I know mildly), in the dream, said, “Look” and pointed to the city. I saw a large mushroom cloud rise. 2 days later, (20 minutes after I was at the subway station underneath the Pentagon), I walked into my office and a co-worker who I’m mildly friends with says “Look,” and just as I look, the second plane was crashing live into the second tower. I didn’t realize the connection until days later.
    Two days after that, I had a dream my Co-worker, Laura was with a group of friends playing paintball gun games with us. SHe left the game because someone shot her and it was a real bullet that hit her. In the dream, it was no big deal to her, but she said she was leaving and going home, because her stomach hurt. The very next morning at work, Laura came to my office and told me she was leaving ealry because her stomach hurt. She was holding her stomach the same way she did in the dream.

  4. I’ve had this happen a number of times,
    some of them really bad stuff happened, and then it happened in real life, hard to deal with after the real life event.

  5. Yes its like a vision or mere conicedence but ur mind works in a wierd way because as people say we only use 10% of ur mind but that maybe not true will we r subconscie but yes it has happend to me a lot of times don’t worry about it but try to pay attention.

  6. i agree with you, for several times, it does happened for real. but it takes a while, not right away. it is weird cause if i forget my dream the next day, when its about to happen, that is the time i will remember vividly that i dream of it. it feels like deja vu. sometimes it scares me but i always talk to my husband so i know for sure im not loosing it.

  7. many,
    although the real life situations were completely different from the dreams .
    but the essence was the same
    like i would dream that i would be with Indians ,and i imagined from India ,but it turned out to be with central American ones .
    i dreamed that i would meet a teacher ,and i turned out to be the
    teacher etc.
    Many cases like that, as if the dream misread the script for the real life situation ,
    they say ,those mysterious they ,that if you dream something often enough you create the reality
    and with that in mind ,i have been trying to direct my dreams for years ,hoping that i would get what i wanted
    it has happened ,but never exactly as planned.
    I wanted to go to central America from Africa ,kept dreaming about it ,and it happened as if by magic ,the money and sponsers must have been created by my dreams
    the rolls royce never came however and my body got more run down instead of turning into a god .
    but there is definately something in the power of dreams especially if they are collective Dreams.
    so everybody keep dreaming .if we all dream the same fantastic dreams to turn this planet into a Paradise ,which we can enjoy with out having to die first,and if there are enough of us ,we just might be able to do it

  8. I have those all the time!!! My friends even believe my dreams now and watch out when I tell them too lol. That just happened to me saturday actually that one of my dreams came through!!! Weird but i”m use to it now

  9. It used to happen to me ALOT , but now I can’t even remember what I dream
    half the time. And when I do….it makes no sense at all. I miss being able to do that !!

  10. This is a good question. And yes, it has happened to me several times. It’s spooky when it does, but I truly believe that is a God thing, at least in my case it certainly was and we need to listen.

  11. I was just having a conversation on dreams a moment ago. What a coincidence. Only my dream was not in the future.
    I closed my eyes and as soon as i opened them I was laying in a field. I was kinda scared, how did I get there. It was late not sure on the time, but it was dark. So I started walking along this road and saw this convenience store. I walked up to the store. Everything in it was real old, but new. The woman at the counter had that typical early 80’s hair and retro clothes. I waited around for a moment, because she was so familiar to me.
    I then saw this car pull up for gas and it was like a late model Chevelle. I then asked her what her name was. She replied ” Clois Anne”. I told her, my Grandparents and Father know a Clois Anne. Just then as we were talking a man came in to take the old news papers and put the new days news in. I watched him as he put the papers in and the paper looked weird, so did the ink, and lettering. When he finished I looked at it, the paper read February, something of 1978. I was almost out of breath. I felt panic but wanted to stay calm.
    I asked Clois Anne what year is it? She said when ever a new year starts that she forgets the year too, but it is now 78. I was really feeling weird. I had no idea how I was going to get home, or where home was.
    I decided to look for my fiance, but where to begin. He would only be 8 or 9 years old.
    So I was hesataint on talking to Clois Anne about this, but I knew that I knew her so I asked her if she knows Robert H***, she said ” Oh Bobby! Yeah I know him.” That is my father. I told her. She laughed and said you two do look so much alike. I tried to explain and she asked for the drugs I was taking. I told her I live in 2006, and I showed her the money that I had. Nothing I did she would belive me. I told her I would show her my ID. She thought the hologram was the neatest thing she had ever seen, but drivers lic. like her’s are paper. (In ral life I did not know this!) I told her that I am not born yet and that I have 5 years until I will be alive. She really brushed me off as if she belived me, I knew she was patronizing me. How you might do, to make some one think you are lissening to them, but your really thinking they are crazy.
    So I had to get out of their. I started walking and wondering where Sonny was, my Fiance. I had no idea where he would be living. I knew that I needed to see him. I would be his baby sitter if i had too. I just kept walking.
    Then this car pulls over and this guy gets out and asks if i would like a ride. I said “no I don’t ride with strangers.” He said who doesn’t hitch hike this day and age. I said I have no idea where I’m going, I’m just blowing off steam.
    He said you’ll never get to 2000’s like that.
    I was scared! What?
    he replied “get in and I’ll tell you.” So we drove and he said that he was from 2002. I told him that I was 2006 and how did he know where I was from. He laughed and said your funny clothes.
    We then stoped at a field and he told me ” you just have to lay under this tree and fall asleep, you will go back to you time.” I asked then why are you still here. He told me that the reason we were sent here is a once in a life time oporunity to do some thing that never was done the first time.
    I then sat by the tree alone and was thinking real hard on what i thought needed to be done. I had no idea. I know their were a number of things that were bad that I could prevent, but what could i do that would not change the course of life that made me come to be where I was before I ended up where I am now. I could wait many of years for things to come or change something now. The harder I thought the more I wasn’t sure if I should. I became exausted and fell asleep and then I awoke in my bed in the year 2006 next to my fiance.
    Weird! I found out alot of stuf i had seen was really apart of the 70’s and I had no idea before that dream. I for a long time after that wonder if it was real, now I know it was a dream, but could such a thing have been… nahhh it couldn’t, but…

  12. For me this has happened a lot and my dreams actually happen but useually in my dream something bad happens and then in real life its all good


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