Home Discussion Forum Anyone have any interesting stories regarding experiences of telepathy with pets?

Anyone have any interesting stories regarding experiences of telepathy with pets?

I’m reading “The Sense of Being Stared At”, by Rupert Sheldrake. He sites a bunch of examples. Do you have any? I’m intrigued!


  1. My parrot Zack, seemed to know when we were going to have a Hurricaine. She would huddle down. Do not know if this is the same thing as telepathy though. But she seemed to know several days in advance.

  2. I haven’t read the book, so I’m not sure to what you’re referring, but I’m empathic, meaning I can sense the emotions of others. Which can and does often include telepathy. So I couldn’t tell you exactly what she was thinking, but I have always had a knack for knowing for my dogs (I’ve had a few in my life) were feeling. If that counts. Nothing weird though, just every day stuff.

  3. I had a cat that would stare into my eyes, neither of us blinking, a contest of wills. I win all staring contests. But this time, I had to look away first. Her eyes started to glow after about two minutes, which freaked me out. Our relationship was never the same afterward.

  4. I am empathically connected to one of my dogs. I can feel his anxiety when he doesn’t have any water in his bowl, if there’s a stranger outside, or if there’s a storm coming. I can also feel when he’s done something wrong like when he gets into the garbage. He knows when I feel lonely cause he follows me around like a shadow. I’m starting to wonder if he can pick up on my thoughts because we’ll just stare at each other and I’ll think ‘do you want to go outside’ and he’ll start getting excited and give me the ‘i want out’ dance.


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