Home Discussion Forum Anyone have any advice for good meditation skills?

Anyone have any advice for good meditation skills?

I want to start meditating, but I simply don’t know how. I am pregnant and would like to releive some stress via meditation. Thanks.


  1. Well first what is your favorite thing to listen too. Mine is the music of the ocean to me its soothing.
    This what i do when i’m stressed or i’m just feel like my head is going to explode.
    I lay down in my bed close my eyes and just listen to it. I feel like i’m flying and it calms me down tremendously. When i’m done it feels like I can take on the world
    Its not an easy thing to do it take committment as well as focus, but once you do it. Its the best thing for you.

  2. The one thing that i have found that totally relaxes me with no problem is yoga. It has a lot of breathing that just relieves any pressure and stress your body is holding in. My sister does the Yoga Pregnancy dvd because it is easier on the body. She loves it. It is definetly worth a shot. You can do it for as long as you want to. Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck 🙂

  3. It is nice way you have selected. It will improve your as well as infants’ health.
    Sit quitely in preferably Vajrasan if you know or any relaxed posture on your legs. If you find it difficult you can do it sleeping too! But don’t sleep.
    First observe your whole body and take a note of stress and strains felt by organs. Start from toes and end to nose. Then try to concentrate on your breathing. Feel the warmth of exhelling and coldness of inhaling. Do not give reaction to anything around you – a call, cry, flies or mosquitoes or any bad remark of even family members. Thoughts should be effortfully avoided, if they arise let them but don’t give reaction, let them come and go by. Your breathing will slow down and at least thoughts or thoughtless state you will feel DELIGHT. That is what every meditator achieves.

  4. Try the book “How to Meditate” by Lawrence LeShan. This is very good book for beginning a meditation practice offering many different approaches. Find one that resonates with you.
    A simple technique is to sit comfortably, aiming at keeping your spine as erect as possible. Don’t strain yourself. Being pregnant, it may be better for you to sit on a chair, as opposed to the floor–but don’t lean back or slouch. Place your hands palm-side up while resting them on your thighs. Gently bring each thumb and index finger together, and let your tongue rest behind your upper front teeth, gently touching the roof of your mouth. The reason for these positions is that this will help to close a natural, subtle energy loop circulating within the body.
    Breathe naturally–do not force the breath–just notice and become aware of your breathing. Breathe through the nostrils only. You can focus on an area just below your navel or, to stay more alert, focus on the area where the breath enters and exits the nostrils.
    It is very common to have many thoughts racing through your mind as you do this–this gives you a picture of what is called “monkey mind”–our minds jump continuously from thought to thought in nanoseconds. Just observe them and let go of each one as it comes up, returning your focus to the breathing.One of the purposes of meditation is to calm down ,, and still the mind so that eventually, these many thoughts become a soft, background noise and we are able to be more fully aware of simply Being in the moment. This has immense benefits and brings wonderful clarity and peace. It takes time, diligence, patience and practice. It’s a meditation PRACTICE—the PROCESS IS THE PRACTICE. Start with 5-10 minutes at first and don’t pressure yourself or make judgments. It is a gentle process. Each time you sit can be a different experience. And–make sure the area in which you are meditating is clean, quiet and not too warm–or you may fall asleep and that is not meditating.
    If you are doing things correctly, over time this can be absolutely life-changing on a very profound level. Meditation can bring on physical and emotional changes–it can be very cleansing and this is somtimes difficult. It is sometimes beneficial to meditate with a group, or to find someone who has a great many number of years of experience meditating. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get involved in any possible cults or cult-like activity as this always involves something negative. Use your intelligence, common sense and always follow your intuition.
    Good Luck with the baby!

  5. Meditation is an excellent method for reducing stress; I lowered my blood pressure by meditating. While all the suggestions given are great for a beginner; I would recommend a guided imagery CD or tape; although I recently bought some $20 CDs at a dollar store so ya just never know… These may be available for free at your local library and are available very cheaply at Amazon. Such a tape would tell you what to do and guide you step by step…after you get the hang of it then some of those CDs of ocean waves/streams/waterfall/storms are all great…

  6. The word ‘meditate’ simply means to ‘concentrate’.
    If I may make a suggestion concentrate on a candle flame. That flame is the same flame/light/life principal which is anchored in the Heart Chakra. It is who you really ARE. That Flame is a projection from “Source”!

  7. Any book by Eric Harrison which you can easily find on Amazon.com. He is a very good author & yes it is that easy to learn just from a book.
    I have been meditating seriously for 6 years & it changed my life.
    When you meditate you will be improving the intrauterine environment the baby is living in, because she will be surrounded by your relaxed peace. How wonderful!
    HOW MEDITATION HEALS is very good. So is HOW TO MEDITATE IN 10 EASY LESSONS. Both by Eric Harrison. There are lots of good authors out there, but this fellow keeps it simple & explains the basis for how it all works along with direct instructions. Anyone can learn easily.
    Good Luck! Health to you & Baby both!


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