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Anyone had success with hypnotism?

I have a real problem with attention and unfortunately I work in a job where I get a lot of it. Due to issues I am starting to understand, stemming from a lot of attention growing up, I don’t like being looked at (other than ‘normally’ – ie. I can’t handle standing out). This stops me doing my job properly and short of getting another job which I’m considering, I was trying to think how I could get over this. I was wondering about hypnotism – anyone had success with this and think it might help in my situation? Thanks.


  1. it didn’t work for me an’t get to grips with that unconcious mind i thought it was all about putting you to sleep it is costly also.

  2. Hypnotism has only short term effects – people who quit smoking with the aid of hypnotism often pick it up again, because people expect hypnotism to supply them with determination, which it won’t do. Nor can you change your personality with hypnotism. It sounds to me like you have social phobia, which is treatable.

  3. I tried hypnotism for some probs years ago but it don’t work.
    Dianetics is the only successful solution that I have found. Good luck x

  4. it’s dangerous . leads to depression suicide , the hypnotist claims an immediate victory but long term it confuses the mind . Authority use it to detrimental effects even leading to extreme violence . Sleepers wake !

  5. Hypnosis tends to work brilliantly on the weak minded. That is to say, when the ability to logic is short, hypnosis tends to distract weak thought processes. I do not recomend hypnosis for developing minds, simply because it trains the brain to not listen to itself.
    Try mantras and other positive thinking methods on your own. It will train your brain in the ways you want to go without using an external force to control you.

  6. Hiya Back of the net,
    Good question.
    My father God rest his soul, used to say to me that there are so many people who talk about things they don’t really understand.
    He didn’t say bulling their way through life, but you do understand what I mean.
    Why do people talk about stuff that they haven’t a clue about?
    Hypnosis is an amazing tool in the right hands.
    I suggest that you go to a qualified Hypno-Analyst to have a frank discussion as to how he/she can help you.
    I am confident that your problem can be completely eradicated with no side effects.
    Note that I said Analyst and not Therapist.
    A therapist puts stuff into your mind, an Analyst takes all the mental blocks and problems out, leaving your mind squeaky clean.
    A bit like getting your pc cleared of clutter and bugs.
    I do hope you consider my advice, and get your hangup sorted out for good.
    All the best


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